Woman Attempts to Apply Chapstick and Winds Up Super Gluing Her Lips Shut

When the police received a 9-1-1 call at around midnight a couple of nights ago, they thought they could be dealing with a hostage situation when the woman who called was mumbling as if she as unable to open her mouth. (Personally, I would’ve been like WTF speak up assh*le, but I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I’m not a police officer.)

When they arrived at her house, prepared for horror, they found out that this lady had accidently applied super glue to her lips instead of chapstick.

Ok… why the hell do you keep your super glue near your chapstick? That’s not only strange as f*ck, but also dangerous.

Don’t worry, this woman was rushed to the hospital and is now okay.

Once she was able to open her mouth (lol), she explained that she had accidentally used the super glue instead because it was dark.

Classic mix up…

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr