Who Actually Created The French Manicure?

Ah, the French manicure. The go-to wedding polish job. The style that will most certainly never go out of style. The most classic, most neutral, most simple nail art that looks good on everyone.

One would assume that the French, of course, invented something as chic as a French manicure. It is, after all, in the actual name of the design. Wrong. It turns out that the French did not invent the French manicure at all.

A Hollywood make-up artist named Jeff Pink is claiming that he is in fact the one who came up with the white tip-nude base combination, sometime in the seventies. Pink then goes on to say that he single-handedly brought the manicure style to Paris, where the most chic models walking down the runways quickly craved the design.

But hold on, is Pink being truthful? There are countless other polish mavens who argue that the French manicure was actually around for about 40 years before Pink claims he came up with it.

The BBC suggests that the early French manicure was, in fact, invented in France by beauty legend Max Factor, for the most fashionable ladies of Paris in the 1930s.

Here’s my take to the situation: who actually cares? It’s a single white line at the tip of your fingers. I’m sure someone would have thought of such a thing eventually, and does it really actually matter? It’s not like you can hold copyright on a nail art design, you would have no way of proving you were actually the first.

What do you think about this ridiculous argument?

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images