Unconventional Beauty Products: Tape

I know what you must be thinking, just based off the title. Trust me, I never thought that tape would ever aid me in any of my beauty efforts either, but it has. It may not have as many uses as my last Unconventional Beauty Products article but I’m certainly thankful I’ve discovered this trick.

I use tape every single time I paint my nails. I’m completely guilty of falling into the ‘accent nail’ trend and overly using (but can it really ever be overused?) nail art every week. Tape has helped me immensely while trying to achieve my fancy little nail designs.

I can’t even recall where I originally stumbled across the idea but I’m so glad that I did. To use tape to help with your nail art, first: paint your nails whichever color you desire and completely allow them to try. I like to wait at least an hour, or else the tape will ruin your nail polish. Next, I take little strips of paint and stick them on the back of my hand, to eliminate most of the stickiness.

Finally, apply the tape in whichever way you’d like, leaving whichever design you’d like exposed. Paint over the tape and immediately remove. You’ll have clean, crisp lines of polish and a beautiful nail design all achieved in the comforts of your own home.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images