There Is Now A Calorie-Counting App That Fat Shames You Into Not Eating

by Gigi Engle

In a world of Skinny Mirrors that mask our insecurities and high-tech mirrors that alert us to how "ugly" we are, we can't feign too much surprise at the reveal of the latest food-shaming app to hit the scene.

Carrot Hunger comes to us straight from the gates of hell to say really mean sh*t about our weight, which is supposed to somehow encourage us to keep to our diets.

Carrot Hunger tells you like it is without messing around.

According to Foodbeast, Carrot Hunger greets you with the following uplifting message as you input your measurements: “Greetings meatbag."

It then insults you based on how tall you are or based on how much you weigh.

The calorie-counting app allows you to input what you eat and keep track of your daily meals.

It continues to insult you each step of the away.

The app sets a limit for the amount of calories you're allowed to consume daily, forcing you to "bribe" it with a .99 cent payment every time you screw up. As messed up as that is; it's kind of a great marketing scheme.

As Hilary Pollack, editor of Munchies, reported after trying the app:

Just to be a jerk, I try to tell the app that I have just consumed 11 Milky Way bars on top of my fairly decadent breakfast. This 'snack' pushes me far beyond my daily caloric limit. I'm given the option of bribing the app not to include it in my intake log for 99 cents (a smart monetization model, I will admit), or to 'ACCEPT CONSEQUENCES.'

But that's not all; no sir. The app has an assortment of "punishments" at the ready for your lack of self-control, including publicly shaming you as well as putting rude ads on the bottom of the app to demonstrate your tendency towards eating everything you see.

After all of this depreciation, we have to wonder: Does the app actually work to help you shed pounds?

According to Pollack:

Although I didn't actually eat the near-dozen Milky Ways, I feel a little bit defensive, indignant, and (yes) ashamed. But truth be told, I kind of enjoy this sense of punishment; the interface is so jolly that it feels more like a playful mental spanking than an emotional beatdown.

So, if you're into feeling like sh*t about yourself at the hands of your smartphone, by all means give this app a try.

[caption id="attachment_905600" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Carrot Hunger[/caption]

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