The Newest Trend In Quirky Hair Color


It’s incredible to watch hair color trends come and go. As of late, trends have not been restricted to clothing and accessories: beauty trends are perhaps the most ever-changing trends out there.

Particularly, hair trends. No longer is it “weird” to have a… well, different, shade of hair color. Especially with this May’s release of The Costume Institute’s exhibit focusing on how punk music inspired high fashion, a quirky hair color is the new black.

Last year was the beginning of seeing pastel colored ends. Lauren Conrad frequently rocked the “My Little Pony” look, which was great to see, as her style wouldn’t normally reflect having pink, blue and purple hair.

So what’s the latest hair color trend? According to Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s global artistic director for hair color, Apricot. Black called the hair shade a “pastelized” version of copper. A combination of all of the current hair trends — pastel, ombre and red — all rolled into one.

The color apricot would be ideal for blondes to try red without going too dark or brassy in the process, and for redheads to get a taste of what blonde hair is like. Although many hair trends can be achieved via an at home, DIY project, this color would be best achieved by a professional colorist.

If you’d like to try this shade, tell your colorist to go through this process:

  • You should have light hair as a base color
  • Start with a copper base at the roots, keeping it darker there, then pull the color through the ends
  • Add “creamy” blonde over the top to get the pastel effect. Different color gradients are desirable-Black said the trend for hair in general is to not be too perfect.

Interested in giving this color a shot?

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images