The DIY Makeout Pillow Is The Saddest Thing Single People Can Do This Valentine's Day (Photo)


Single ladies everywhere can all sleep safe and sound now that they'll have a DIY makeout pillow lying in bed with them.

The pillow is the final product of the horrifyingly crafty work of Emily Grace King at Instructables, who generously provides a step-by-step tutorial should you want to make-out with Freddy Krueger instead of a real person.

Alternatively, if you are still in middle school, King suggests using this pillow as a kissing aid; kind of like practicing making out on your hand except way, way creepier.

The makeout pillow dismembers the mouth from a CPR practice doll and then attaches it to a fluffy pillow to create a some sort of "Buried Alive" horror. King also mentions that she found her materials by a dumpster, so that seems healthy.

Who wants a whole boyfriend when all you really need is a mouth?

H/T: Uproxx