This Dog Perfectly Captures How Every Girl Feels After A 'Ruff' Week

Sitting on the couch with three-day-old hair and a tub of Häagen Dazs mid-scoop? Hold that spoon right there, lady! We have something even better than cookie dough to cheer you up: Rosie Pig.

She, like you, has been having a bad day and is here to commiserate. And once you see how cute she looks in her flannel and with her hair all blown out, you'll realize that there's no reason to get so down.

So let's all raise a pint (of ice-cream or otherwise) to our new favorite furry friend, Rosie. We can totally count on her in times when we need to binge eat our feelings, be consoled, and cry on the sofa. And the best part is? She won't tell us anything we don't want to hear.