Re-Organize Your Makeup Drawer


As women, we’re always trying new products and stocking up on multiples of beauty items (that we don’t always need). The constant purchasing can lead to clutter, and if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing worse than a cluttered makeup collection.

Take the time this week to do some spring-cleaning, and re-organize your makeup collection with these quick tips.

Throw out any and all mascaras that are over three months old. It’s impossible to clean a reusable mascara brush, so you must take extra precautions to avoid germs in your eyes.

Throw out any and all foundations and lip products that are over 6 months old. Liquid foundations and concealers, along with lip-glosses, start to separate after this time period, which allows germs and bacteria to grow within.

Now that some of your makeup has been tossed, it’s time to organize. If you have enough space on your bathroom or bedroom countertops, try purchasing a Lucite counter makeup organizer. These products are compact, and easily separate your makeup products.

If you have limited space, try a drawer organizer. Drawer makeup organizers are reusable and environmentally safe. Creating sections within your drawers will drastically improve organization and make your drawers seem cleaner and more put together.

Another option for limited space is a back door hanging organizer. Keep this in your bathroom, but be sure to keep your makeup in a well-ventilated room, to avoid germ and bacteria growth.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images