These Powerful Illustrations Let Everyone Know Who Controls Women's Bodies (Photos)

The Hobby Lobby case, which determined that corporations don't have to pay for birth control, has sparked lots of discussion over who has control over a woman's body. Is it the government? Is it the woman? Is it Jesus? It's Jesus.

Just kidding. It's not Jesus.

Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti posted some beautiful, colorful illustrations of women and their stories on her Facebook page that she calls "WOMEN in English!"

The pictures portray a great range of potentially sensitive topics, including body image, racism, ableism, sexism, ageism and the LGBTQ identity. A few of the characters are based on real experiences, but others are drawn from inspiration across the Internet.

The project has already affected people on a global scale. The captions were originally written in Portuguese, but Rossetti worked with somebody to translate them into English.

Some Israelis even translated the captions into Hebrew, and other people want to translate them into Russian, German, Spanish, Lithuanian and more.

Photos Courtesy: Facebook