Plastic Surgery Makes Women Happier


It’s no surprise that women (and even men) have plastic surgery procedures done so that they can feel more comfortable in their own skin. I can’t think of any other motive of why someone would go under the knife, to change his or her appearance, other than for that reason.

Now, some new research is proving that. Researchers over at the online science journal, Science Daily, have shown that people who have had plastic surgery procedures done are in fact happier, overall.

Researchers looked at three groups: people who had plastic surgery once, people who wanted to get some kind of work done (but haven’t), and people who never thought about getting a procedure. All three of those groups seemed to be pretty similar in their happiness levels.

Then, researchers looked at those who had major body altering surgeries three, six and twelve months post-operation and found that these people felt healthier, less anxious, more attractive and better about themselves, in general, than those who didn’t get plastic surgery.

Interesting. However, don’t let this research cause you to run out and get surgery. It’s a big decision to make and one that should only be made consciously.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images