Non-Whitening Tips On How To Make Your Teeth Whiter

We all want white teeth. You’ve never heard someone exclaim, “I really wish my teeth were more discolored.” No. We want pearly whites, and sometimes to achieve such whiteness, we’re required to dish out handfuls of money and time.

If you’re ever in a bind, and want to boost the whiteness of your teeth in a very short period of time, there are luckily a few tricks that can help you achieve this.

Chew crunchy fruits and veggies. No, really. Chewing on crunchy fruits or vegetables helps your teeth look whiter because the friction caused by chewing such foods gently scrapes away plaque. Who would have thought?

Wear a dark colored lipstick. A deep red or oxblood will make your teeth appear so much whiter than they actually are due to the color contrast. Plus, you’ll look polished and put together: win, win.

Dust on some bronzer. Lightly (don’t make the Jersey guidette mistake of overdoing it) dust some bronzer all over your face to help you achieve a natural glow, make your skin a little bit darker, which in turn helps your teeth look whiter.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images