Short Hair, Don't Care: 7 Awesome Reasons To Chop Off Your Locks

by Katherinne Milian

We’ve all had moments of not being able to tolerate our long hair anymore, but we still love how it looks.

Nevertheless, sometimes we choose to chop it off and we feel born again, even though we may feel like we just committed a capital sin huge mistake.

Either way, here are some perks of cutting almost all your hair off so you can rock your short hair look:

You will start saving money on shampoo.

This will not only benefit your wallet, but it will also reduce the time you spend washing your hair. Less hair, less shampoo, less time showering and more time to do everything else you want.

You now can even afford a super expensive shampoo that will last months, so every penny will be worth it. And, let’s not forget how much less you'll have to wash your hair.

You will save in practically every hair product.

You no longer have Rapunzel’s hair, so you don’t have to buy that detangling spray or that special treatment you used so your hair wouldn’t have broken ends.

Now, you can practically not use any of them because of the micro haircut with which you are stuck, no matter if it’s a pixie cut or a bob. Used your saved money to buy anything else.

Your can freely wear sticky lip gloss or any kind of lip gloss.

Isn’t it annoying how your hair feels automatically attracted to your lips, especially when you are using those amazing Victoria’s Secret sticky, scented and sexy lip glosses?

Don’t even get me started when you step out and a gush of wind traps your hair in your mouth.

When this happens, it in no way looks sexy, like in those TV commercials. With short hair, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally shoving your hair into your food (and later your mouth).

When your hair goes beyond your boobs, you know you will live eternally with the risk of eating your own hair or staining it with your food.

Even the food crumbs are your worst enemy because you don’t know if that teeny-tiny crumb of garlic bread will fall prisoner to your mane, which will make you look like you don’t know how to eat because you end up with food in your hair.

By having a cute short cut, you will win at eating any and every food.

When you have sex you won’t suffocate the other person.

With short hair, you won’t do any sexy hair flipping while having sex. Instead, you'll just be able to concentrate on doing the deed.

When you have long hair, you have to be careful not to bring your hair into your partners mouth or all over his body, and doing this consumes so much energy that you are constantly taking out your hair of the way.

Your shower drains are eternally thankful of the lack of hair balls after every bath.

After a long-haired shower, you have to remove all the excess of hair, which is disgusting.

When your hair barely reaches your collarbone, the amount of hair chunks that you will shed (yes, just like a dog) is minimal, nearly nothing, in fact.

You can try different do's for your hair, which will look completely cool.

You can braid your hair, straighten it, do it like Miley Cyrus (if you are very adventurous) and all will look very unique.

You can basically even not do anything to your hair, wake up, get dressed, perhaps apply a little makeup and be on your way.

If you have either long or short hair, you learn to live with it and you should definitely switch your look every now and then. It will be like a fresh start into something.

You may hate you that you changed it and even wish that you had never decided to chop it off, but with time, you will start loving every inch of it. So, enjoy and experiment with it.

After all, it grows back eventually, so it's not a permanent choice.