Let It Grow: These Women Are Proof You Should Never Cover Up Your Roots

Us faux-haired ladies have it hard: Not only do we have to deal with the time, money and damage our pretty manes have to undertake to get that perfect color, we have to deal with it every six to eight weeks. But, why?

Roots, ladies. Roots. Any girl who regularly highlights can tell you roots are virtually the bane of her existence — they creep up when you least expect it and take over your head like that subletter that keeps stealing your Apple TV.

While roots can certainly screw up even the most perfect of dye jobs, they don’t have to. In fact, we firmly believe that a bit of root cleavage can be edgy, sexy and still leave your ‘do looking phresh off the runway.

Check out our favorite badass babes rockin’ a bit of root love.

Flaxen haired ladies look chicer with some shadowing.

Who says your ends should get all the love?

Never fear the (reverse) gray.

A bit of growth doesn’t detract from her candy-colored locks.

Roots and texture go hand-in-hand.

Both mermaids and Kylie Jenner would approve of this root job.

Roots can have friends, too.

Just think of all the Chipotle money you’d be saving.

A bit of root growth doesn’t stop this babe from being babe-ly.