The 5 Best Long-Wear Lip Colors To Get You Through The Holiday Season

by Gillian Fuller

We already know all about the transformative power of makeup, but what about everyday wear? Which products offer the most bang for your buck and have the power to take your look from zero to 100 in just one application?

Answer: lip color. There is nothing quite as “notice me” as a colorful, bold lip -- and lipstick is the sort of instant refresher that'll perk up your entire look even if the rest of your face is bare.

We rounded up the best long-wear lip colors to get your pout through every party — you know, so you can spend your time drinking (socializing?) instead of reapplying.

We test-ran all of the below products at our own holiday party, so we know from experience these lip colors aren't going to leave you hanging 30 minutes in.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Urban Decay

Though it's not marketed as long-wear, Urban Decay's super-pigmented Revolution lipstick will last throughout any boozy soirée and comes highly recommended from our testers.

The lipstick is formulated with what the company calls a “Pigment Infusion System,” which gives the product intense, lasting color.

One tester remarked that the lipstick “didn't smudge,” even after several drinks, and added that the consistency is “soft and felt natural to wear... not at all heavy, dry or sticky like others [she's] used in the past.”

Revolution Lipstick, $10, Urban Decay

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lipstain & Shine

Josie Maran

This lip stain/gloss duo had the longest-lasting color of any product we tried.

One end of the product holds a felt-tipped marker for applying coconut water-infused stain, while the other end has a shiny, Argan oil-infused matching gloss to layer over the stain.

Our tester said it “didn't leave lip marks on glasses or cups,” and stayed put for at least four hours; for another, it lasted closer to eight.

Note that the stain truly does stain your lips — so you'll want to make sure your kisser is well primed (exfoliated, moisturized and smooth), to ensure even coloring.

And, of course, to maintain shine, you may need to reapply the gloss. Still, the color's staying power is pretty much unbeatable.

Coconut Watercolor Lipstain & Shine, $14, Josie Maran

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick


This ultra-moisturizing classic lipstick is one of the creamiest and smoothest we tried.

According to the company, the formula is “clinically proven to keep lips moisturized all day,” and provides “exceptional color payoff that lasts for 12 hours without feathering or fading.”

Our testers agreed, noting very little smudging after eating and drinking and little to no fade, making it a great “low maintenance” option.

Low maintenance and high impact? Sign us up.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick, $25, Amazon

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Liquid Lipcolor


This drugstore staple claims to last an incredible 16 hours, thanks to the included chamomile-infused clear topcoat that locks in the color. Our tester revealed that the color amazingly lasted until the next day, and even required makeup remover to take off.

If you're looking for a one-and-done option, this is it, but know that it's a commitment. You'll want to reapply the topcoat as you wear to keep lips feeling moisturized, since the base formula is a bit drying.

Still, for its longevity and affordability, Revlon's Colorstay is a solid go-to.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime, $8, Amazon

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick


This matte-finish formula was suggested by one of our testers, who swears by a punchy fuchsia shade dubbed "Flat Out Fabulous."

The super-saturated color is "really intense," and boasts a matte finish, as the name implies, which makes the color "insanely long-lasting."

Our tester noted the intensity may fade over time, but the color stays put: You'll need makeup remover to get it off completely. How's that for staying power?

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick, $19, Nordstrom

Honorable Mention: Clinique Long-Last Lipstick and Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick

This beloved Clinique 'stick won the hearts of our testers for its “super silky” feel. With 22 shades to choose from, it “lasted about five hours with eating and drinking.” Plus, the moisturizing formula is chock-full of lip lovin' ingredients, including olive oil and aloe.

Avon's Ultra Color Bold Lipstick boasts “50 percent more pigment” than the company's other lip colors, meaning it packs a serious punch in the color department. It may leave marks on your glass if you're drinking, but the color will stay “pretty vivid regardless.”

And at just $8, the ultra-pigmented shade feels way more expensive than it is.

Clinique Long-Last Lipstick, $17, Sephora; Ultra Color Bold Lipstick, $20, Avon