An Open Letter To All Single Women: You Are Beautiful


Dear all beautiful single women,

What I’m about to say feels extremely ordinary for women as extraordinary as yourselves, but I’m going to say it because I’m tired of all the beautiful girls letting the monotony of being alone chip away at them.

I’m sick of hearing that the sexier, hotter, prettier girls are better. I'm over letting what some loser ex-boyfriend says about you bring you down. What I want to shout over all this ugly noise is that just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.

This includes you, trying to conceal that you’re going up for seconds. You, worrying that your eyeliner has smudged. You, self-consciously touching her hair at her desk.

Beauty is rare and special and it takes a rare and special person to spot that. You are worth that wait. Think about how long it took to mold the incredible person you’ve become. It’s only natural that it will take longer to find your perfect complement.

Wait for that man who knows what you look like barefaced and thinks it’s even more desirable than after you’ve applied makeup.

The man who understands that it’s more than your body, or what he can see or hold on to or anything that he can experience with five senses. He loves you deeper, to the very fibers of your soul’s being, where your true splendor lies. He’s the one to grow old with you because he believes your beauty is timeless.

Being with just yourself and your thoughts all the time can be quite dulling. We all need a soulmate who will enliven us. When you find that special someone, he’ll see you for what you possess, not what you think you lack within yourself. He builds you up when you get down on yourself.

It’s not that you’re a stranger to dating, or getting asked out for that matter; it’s that somewhere between being single and shining on your own, you got tired of carrying your own torch.

But if you don’t champion your own exquisite prowess, how are you going to expect others to find that charm within you? Own your beauty and don’t be afraid of that spark you emulate.

Remember, you don’t need a man to ignite this fire, but rather, to enhance your natural brilliance. Don’t lose sight of what makes you this alluring person.

You might not be the person you hoped you’d be or thought you’d be when you were younger, and that’s okay. The man you find won’t put that kind of expectation on you. He will, however, challenge you to be the best version of yourself, and you’ll do the same in return.

What are you doing this Friday night? I bet you don’t have any special plans, and if you do, it probably involves your other single girlfriends. Your nether lands are starting to feel as cold as the Netherlands and you’re debating if it’s even worth putting on the skinny jeans anymore.

Well, let me tell you something about those skinny jeans and a beautiful girl like yourself: There are times when you don’t fit or when you’ve cut too loose, but you will never go out of style.

So get your pants on, and get going. You’ve got a whole world of admirers.

With all my love, Laura

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr