American Women Are Too Dependent On Makeup

I can wholeheartedly admit that I am addicted to makeup. The only time I would ever step out of my front door bare faced would be to go to the gym or to run mundane errands. Even on my "no makeup" days, I’ll still throw on a tinted moisturizer and some concealer, mostly due in part to my extreme insecurities about my under eye circles.

I spend countless hours watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, and I’m comforted by the fact that I’m not alone. Some recent studies have just confirmed that American women may in fact be addicted to makeup.

A study via the Daily Mail has found that 27 percent of women feel “naked” leaving home without any (guilty as charged). The study also finds that women spend, on average, $24,443 over the course of their lifetime replacing makeup that has either been lost or used up.

Seventy percent of women have cancelled a date or a business meeting because they were not able to find an essential makeup item (okay, I’ve never been that bad). Eleven percent of women would rather lose their coat than their makeup bag and six percent of women would rather lose their debit card than their makeup bag.

This may seem ridiculous, but if you were to sit down and calculate how much everything in your makeup bag costs, it could total hundreds of dollars. Why are American women so addicted to painting their faces? I can’t speak for society as a whole, but for me, it just became routine. I was eager to try makeup when I was young, and enjoyed experimenting.

Here I am, a little less than ten years later, unable to leave my house without a little bit of NARS Orgasm dusted across my cheeks…

Photo Credit: Getty Images