Beauty Expert Profile: Mickey Williams


Mickey Williams is a beauty and lifestyle expert.  As a makeup artist, she has created looks for some of the world's most influential faces such as Quentin Tarantino, Barack Obama, and Jennifer Love Hewitt . As an on-air expert, she appears on a wide range of local and national broadcast segments including The Today Show, ET!, Extra, Good Morning America, and QVC where she shares her beauty tips and advice with audiences across America.

What was your first memory as a child where you became fascinated with beauty and in particular were you always interested in make-up?

I was born with lipstick on and my nails painted. Well, that isn't entirely true, but my earliest memories were of me stealing my mother's makeup and skin care and putting a full face on for kindergarten. Let's not even discuss the over-sized dresses and high heels.My mother, of course, was livid. So when it was time to return the beauty booty I would either eat the lipsticks (strange I know) or bury them in my backyard for later use. I guess I was a strange kid, but makeup, hair, clothes and heels have been a passion since out of the womb. 

From working closely with presidents, celebrities and athletes, are there any similarities that you've come to recognize amongst these people?

Routine is important, especially for athletes and politicians. The precision of timing, scheduling and the security has always amazed me. Celebrities are a bit more scattered just because of their schedules and handlers. It's really important who the "talent" surrounds themselves with. If a handler is nervous and anxious, the talent tends to react in a similar manner. I think people tend to think the lives of the famous are just a show up and smile sort of glamorous adventure. Not so, I've traveled on campaigns and press junkets with them, and the  hours and promotion that is involved is superhuman.

Who have your biggest influences been in your life to follow a career in beauty?

I met Kevyn Aucoin as a model during fashion week a long time ago. He just had a magic stroke. I was so driven to follow everything he touched. I think that was the first time I realized you could actually make a living as an artist and also have a creative outlet for your mental health.

Was their a turning point in your life that led to your current direction?

Moving to New York was a major turning point for me. Once I arrived I was introduced to a bunch of people to try "acting". I wasn't my thing, and I just remember meeting so many people that kept saying, if makeup is what you want to do, DO IT. In NYC, especially when you first arrive, opportunity is abundant.

How could you advise young people to learn from their failures?

Don't get kicked in the head as many times as I let myself. If you feel its not right from the beginning, move on. I apply this for career and in love, the other partner in life.

What plans do you still have for your career that not many people are aware of

More charity! Right now I am working with Lancome and St. Jude's. It's not enough, but I am also about to launch a new website and employ a staff. I need to take one day at a time, but I tell you I will be present in charitable organizations where my talent or skill can make a difference for the rest of my life. 

You've really established yourself as a brand starting off as a makeup artist then beauty editor for stylebakery and now your own blog and tv appearances,  how do you plan to keep expanding your brand into more industries?

The new website will be amazing. It will have everything from gossip to pet grooming. I also think men need a voice. I want to establish something out there that gives men the details needed to enhance their appearance and confidence without being  leery of looking for assistance.

With so much going on in your life right now from traveling, to hosting, how do you manage to make time for friends and relaxation?

I am coming back from a jaunt to Europe and Morocco with my friend Marco, so I definitely find time to relax. Friends and family are beautiful and my soul, so I must reconnect by phone, email or even Skype regularly or I will be depressed. My romantic life takes the back burner, but I love my life, my job, and I feel like I will meet someone eventually that will have a busy life themselves and will understand my needs and what I can give.

What is your biggest tip for entrepreneurs?

I lost many years because I didn't have a strong daily routine. Also, spend money to make money. Surround yourselves with the best team representing you. I have the best friends, lawyer, insurance gurus, and business advisors on my side. They don't kiss my ass at all, they totally tell me when I'm screwing up and when I need to straighten out and reel it in. Ask for what you want. It will actually come, and be positive. I believe in energy.

5, 10, 50 years down the line when you've achieved everything you aspire for today, where do you see yourself?

Hopefully with a family and waking up with my partner in life (he'll still look really hot 50 years from now-maybe if I embrace my inner cougar) on a beach.

Everyone aspires for success, but what drives you to work so hard?

It's in my gut. I'm driven. I came from a family on government aid growing up, and I wanted a better life for myself. I knew I could do anything I sent my mind to. Fear is a friend that makes you more empowered after you realize how easy it was to train your brain to move past it.

What is your dream accomplishment?

A cure for cancer. I'm not a scientist or doctor, but all I can do is raise enough money through charity to make a small dent in finding a cure.

Mickey is also on the CVS Beauty Board where she reviews products and answers fan questions. Feel free to ask her some of your beauty questions or concerns on their webpage.

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