Beauty Blogger Talks About Her Depression And Anxiety In Inspiring Video


From the perspectives of beauty novices, the life of a beauty vlogger can seem neat, perfect and polished at all times.

Despite appearances, Kayley Melissa's life did not feel perfect for most of 2015.

Between posting tutorials for date-night hairstyles and warrior braids, Kayley struggled with severe depression and general anxiety, unbeknown to her over 901,000 subscribers and more than 94 million viewers.

On Christmas, Kayley uploaded a video, opening up regarding her struggle to stay online.

She recalled,

When she took the first steps toward facing her depression and anxiety, Kayley discovered all the support she needed was waiting for her in the one place she'd been most afraid to go.

She told viewers,

Speaking from a more secure place, Kayley reached out to others fighting mental illnesses and mood disorders.

Kayley reminded her followers,

It's not news looks can be deceiving (after all, it's a cliché for a reason). The illusion of perfection, while temping to cling to, may not be as satisfying as the joy and relief of acknowledging an obstacle and asking for help.

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

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