'Babywearing Ballet' Lets Mothers Dance With And Embrace Their Babies (Photos)

Who says becoming a mom means sacrificing your passions? With Babywearing Ballet, dancer moms haven't let their babies stop them from doing what they love.

Morgan Castner, a ballet dancer and mother of two, started Babywearing Ballet in California.

During a normal Babywearing Ballet class, mothers do ballet while their newborn babies rest on their chests in baby carriers or slings.

Mothers obviously enjoy it because they get to exercise and dance, but babies enjoy it, too, because they get to relive the closeness and the swaying sensations felt in the womb.

Castner explained,

My son was 11 months old and with my husband serving in the military, I was looking for fun things we could do together out of the house while he was away. I love dancing and loved babywearing so it was a natural progression.

Castner recently posted a few videos of a class onto the Babywearing Ballet Facebook page, one of which has garnered over 20,000 shares.

Castner is overwhelmed with the responses of mothers who wish they could attend one of her classes, where all the dancers need are normal gym clothes and a secure baby carrier.

The main purpose of the class, Castner says, is for a mother to bond with her child, but the ballet also makes it way more fun.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Babywearing Ballet