152,000 Women Still Can't Get Over This Nail Polish Color For Fall

I live and die for a quality seasonal manicure.

Keep your stupid pumpkin motifs and skull acrylics. Instead, give me a rich jewel tone polish with a perfect, shiny finish.

Just now, scrolling through Pinterest, I made an audible noise after spotting a particularly perfect manicure (it was this one, if you're wondering).

According to 152,000 women on Pinterest, the best buy for the fall is a deep, mauve rose shade from Essie called Angora Cardi.


When it comes to buying polish for the new season, it's tempting to pick up the trendiest colors — this season's hunter green, for example. Instead, invest in the classics.

Is the name ringing any bells? It should, if you're a nail enthusiast because the color has been around since 2013. The brand calls it a “dusty rose” shade, one that's long been popular with bloggers and cable knit sweater-wearers.

Three years later, the color's popularity still hasn't faded. Reviewers call Angora Cardi a "gorgeous color for fall” and say it's "creamy, classy and elegant.” Regular nail polish is fine, but I always particularly enjoy it when a color gets described like it's Princess Diana.

Seriously, though, look at this gorgeous shade.


Interestingly, polishes with grey undertones are in style in a big way this year. Deborah Lippmann's Love Hangover and Jin Soon's Toff are both darker shades that seem to riff off Angora Cardi.

The idea, if I'm getting it right, is to wear a sophisticated purple shade that's far from screaming, “I'm dressing as Barney the dinosaur for Halloween!”

The secret to embracing the season isn't in how many pumpkins you carve or apples you pick. It's all about how you paint your nails. A nice, dusky purple is the perfect setup for a winter season full of rich reds and navy blues.

I take this stuff seriously. Can't you tell?