Angela Ahrendts: On Her Way To Becoming The Richest Woman In The World

Burberry Chief Executive Officer Angela Ahrendts has just been named the highest-paid person in corporate Britain, according to the latest FTSE 100 list. She was paid 16.9 million pounds (approximately $26,533,000!) last year, which is almost 5 million pounds more than the country’s next best-paid chief executive.  Ahrendts' earnings make her the first woman that has ever been named the richest individual in British business.

Ahrendts’ salary was published as part of Britain’s top 350 bosses survey, conducted by corporate governance group, Manifest, and pay consultancy MM&K, the Guardian reports. Her overall pay, which includes bonuses, benefits and the sales of bonus shares, is thought to be so high because Ahrendts sold 11.9 million pounds worth of shares awarded under bonus plans from previous years.

She is one of only three women to appear on the FTSE 100 list (an index of the 100 most profitable companies listed on the London Stock Exchange), alongside Imperial Tobacco boss, Alison Cooper, and Easyjet CEO, Carolyn McCall.

With a paycheck like that, and head position at a constantly growing company such as Burberry, there’s no telling where Ahrendts' annual salary will be in five years, assuming that she stays with the company. With this type of growth, and that large of a number, she very well may be on her way to being one of the richest women in the world.

Photo Credit: Getty Images