An Alternative To Botox


It’s no secret that the desire to stay young has turned into an American obsession. Women are beginning their anti-aging efforts younger and are using said methods more frequently.

One popular anti-aging technique is of course Botox. Despite the negative side effects, botox procedures have been popular for years. A woman can contract Botox poisoning with one too many injections, and who can ignore the possibility of losing your facial expressions, which are so essential.

Now, a new non-toxic treatment is gaining popularity and may provide a good alternative for the anti-aging obsessed, yet health conscious, women.

Developed in California, the new treatment is called Iovera—or Frotox (fake Botox, get it?)—and it involves a technique called cryoneuromodulation. Cryoneuromodulation is a complicated scientific term for temporarily smoothing your forehead lines and wrinkles with “shots” of liquid nitrogen.

Doctors are hoping that this procedure will gain popularity over Botox. This "fake Botox" alternative may be more ideal for younger women, due to the appeal of being able to maintain facial expressions afterward. Most women do not opt for Botox procedures solely due to this concern.

Frotox, which is still undergoing clinical trials in the United States, has already been approved in the United Kingdom, so a U.S. approval is undoubtedly on the way. Let’s look to the U.K. for guidance when it comes to deciding whether or not this procedure is right for us. No matter how “safe” a product is, we must always be cautious when injecting something unnatural into our bodies.

Photo Credit: Getty Images