5 Ways To Live Like Amy Schumer And Be The Ultimate #GirlBoss

by Jessica Dionne
Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, Amy Schumer won 2015.

She has taken Hollywood by storm and proven once and for all that women can be hilarious and successful.

Amy is ruthless with her comedy and fearless when it comes to being true to herself.

From proudly exposing her body to candidly exposing her soul, she lays it all bare.

With no signs of slowing down, Amy has rendered herself a force to be reckoned with.

Here are some lessons we can all learn from Amy’s success, and can adapt to our own lives:

1. Don’t depend on your looks.

Amy is a frontrunner for the body positivity movement.

As seen in her photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz, she has strong opinions about the industry and female body image.

Amy is proof that women can depend on talent and work ethic, and not just their curves (or lack thereof).

Cultivate your own talents and invest in yourself. Rely on your skills to advance.

Beauty should only ever be an after-thought on your list of qualities.

2. Laugh at yourself.

Amy’s form of comedy relies heavily on self-deprecation, but in the most light-hearted of tones.

She knows it's important to not take yourself too seriously.

The personal details she satires are what make her so relatable.

On the path to success, it's important to believe in yourself.

Have a laugh on you. Be angry when it’s necessary, cry when you need to and laugh often.

3. Be outspoken.

Part of what contributes to Amy’s success is the fact that she goes there.

No topic is off limits. From her comedy to her feminist activism, she is not afraid to tackle unpopular or taboo points of discussion.

In order to succeed in any industry, you have to be willing to speak your truth and represent your cause.

Be willing to speak up when something is important to you, and don’t let the fear of how you'll be perceived interfere with voicing your ideas or desires.

4. Work your ass off.

Amy was everywhere in 2015.

Her movie, "Trainwreck," was a blockbuster. Her highly successful series, "Inside Amy Schumer," won her an Emmy for Best Variety Sketch Series.

Amy knows the meaning of hard work and getting your name out there. She blew up this year, and we can only expect this success train to go full steam ahead into the New Year.

5. Be unapologetically you.

Amy Schumer doesn’t say sorry. Not for her body or her comedy, and certainly not for her dirty sailor mouth.

As a woman in any industry, you have to be true to yourself. You should never make excuses for going after what you want.

Fortune favors the bold, and this year, Ms. Schumer was the boldest.

For all these reasons and more, we can admire and take notes from Schumer.

She is fierce and unstoppable.

Her paramount success is only growing.

She is an amazing role model for today’s women, as she's unafraid to take risks.

We should all emulate her badass outlook on life.