'All About That Bass' Cover Reminds People Every Body Is Beautiful (Video)


Since it came out this summer, Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” has been celebrated as a body-image anthem for girls everywhere.

Some, however, have taken issue with the song. While it celebrates being a “curvier” girl, there’s some skinny shaming (Trainor even calls out “skinny bitches” at one point).

YouTube singer-songwriter Natty Valencia thought that the song’s message would be fantastic if it didn’t celebrate one size over another and instead spread a message of acceptance regardless of body type.

So she rewrote the lyrics to create a parody of the song and performed her version on video.

The new lyrics are a bit saccharine -- there’s only so much “We’re all beautiful!” I can hear before it starts to sound contrived -- but since Valencia comes from a genuine place, the song ultimately is inspiring.

Loads of commenters have thanked Valencia for creating a more neutral version of the song, and we can see why. It’s a powerful, positive adaptation.

Bonus: This girl's voice is really, really good.

So, even if you don’t take issue with Trainor’s version, give this one a listen -- you’ll be blown away by the clarity and strength of Valencia’s vocals.

H/T: Daily Dot