Re-Think Your Cocktail Mixer


Diet soda is a favorite amongst our generation of women, but do you love it enough that you even mix your alcohol with it? If so, reconsider.

A new study conducted by the department of psychological science at Northern Kentucky University has found that using diet soda, as a mixer may be a very bad idea. Researchers gave participants one of three vodka cocktails: Vodka and diet soda, vodka and regular soda and a placebo of regular with a vodka “scent” additive.

Those who drank a vodka and diet soda had a much higher breath alcohol content and 18 percent over those who drank the alcohol with the regular soda. One of the researchers said, “In the long run, it’s more harmful for your body to be exposed to a higher alcohol concentration than a few extra calories.”

Keep that in mind this weekend!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images