The Newest Developments In Fertilization

Some of you may think that you’re a long way away from thinking about having children. I definitely am, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pay to be up to date on all things concerning a woman’s body.

Some women put off having children as long as possible, but that may mean that they’re compromising the longevity of your eggs. The truth is, the longer you wait to have children, and more complications are prevalent while conceiving.

For those women who don’t see any plans for children in sight, but still fear not being able to conceive further down the line, there’s good news for you. There’s a new cost-effective IVF treatment in development. Instead of harvesting your eggs and paying $200 a month to store them in a freezer, you may now be able to freeze said dry eggs.

Your freeze-dried eggs would be kept in a container of sorts in powder form, awaiting the time when they could be put to use. Amir Arav, the scientist behind this science says that he has successfully powdered and revived cells from umbilical cords and cows’ eggs, so the human version may not be that far off.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images