What Is The Ideal Age For An HPV Vaccine?

When I was in high school I took the three Gardasil vaccine shots, as per request of my doctor. I had no complaints, and seeing as it would help protect me from getting the HPV virus later on in life, why not do it?

It turns out that that was the right time to receive the vaccine. Scientists in Sweden performed a study analyzing girls ages 10-44 and noting the cases of genital warts incidents in relation to the HPV vaccine.

They found that vaccinating girls before the age of 20 was more effective in preventing genital warts than administering the shots to women after the age of 20. They also concluded that the ideal age for a woman to receive the vaccine is around the age of 12 or 13.

The majority of the readers of this site are way past that age, but this information is vital, passing the tidbit along can help protect tons of young girls.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images