Detox Your Body

We all want to have perfect summer bodies. The quest for a healthy body starts now. A great way to kick start your healthy eating habits is to start to Detox yourself.

It’s easy to Detox your body from some of the toxins that we usually poison ourselves with: simply cut out a few ingredients from your daily diet. Simply check your nutritional information labels to make sure that you’re not in taking these ingredients:

  • Sodium or Potassium Benzoate: Found in baked goods, they may break down into a carcinogen.
  • Potassium Bromate: A flour additive banned in Europe and Canada for carcinogenic properties.
  • Phosphate: It lurks in frozen food and soda. High amounts may mess with pH and lead to calcium loss from your bones.
  • Partially Hydrogenated Oil: You know it as trans fat. Found in some spreads, it clogs circulation.

Feel healthier and happier instantly!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images