How Much Activity Will It Take To Burn Off Your Weekend?

I have to admit; I enjoy a good drink every once in a while. I’m more of a beer/wine drinker than anything else, and (on occasion), I like to reserve my weekend for a good night of beer drinking.

As much as I’m a fan of a good beer every now and then, I’m also a fan of keeping a trim figure, which unfortunately, do not go hand in hand. If you were like me, you spent at least one day this weekend drinking, and I’m shocked to come across how much physical activity is needed to burn off one 12 ounce serving of beer.

Well, I’m not that shocked, but you may be:

Murphy’s Irish Red required 13 minutes of jumping rope to burn off

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale requires 20 minutes of spinning to burn off

Killian’s Irish Red requires 16 minutes of jumping jacks to burn off

Harp Lager requires 12 minutes of jogging to burn off

Smithwisk’s Irish Ale requires 38 minutes of walking to burn off

Budweiser requires 14 minutes of kickboxing to burn off

Miller Genuine Draft requires 16 minutes of circuit training to burn off

Guinness Draught requires 18 minutes of swimming to burn off

Bud Light requires 20 minutes of dancing to burn off

Miller Light requires 32 minutes of yoga to burn off

Will this information cause you to rethink the occasional beer every now and then?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images