This Makeup Artist Is 'Gramming A New, Over-The-Top Look Every Day For A Year

For artists and creatives, the internet is the perfect way to show off your skill. Uploading photos to  Instagram takes almost no time but exposes your work to thousands. If you're diligent and wildly imaginative, opportunity is bound to come knocking on your door.

Adrienne Edwards, 21, is a perfect example of the internet's power. During the day she's a cheer coach in her home state of Utah, but by night she posts amateur makeup looks so beautiful they've already won her attention from media outlets like Cosmopolitan. Remember “galaxy freckles”? That was all Edwards.

Remember “galaxy freckles”? That was all Edwards.

The space-age freckles were a part of Edwards' ongoing 365 Days Of Makeup project, in which she challenges herself to complete a totally unique cosmetic look every single day. Sometimes, she'll even post tutorial to her YouTube channel.

Edwards, who's spent time as both a MAC Cosmetics employee and — somewhat incredibly — playing a Disney character, has enough sparkle and pep to pull off everything from zombie faces to mermaid style.

(For the record, Edwards would only cop to being “very good friends” with the real-life Tinkerbell. Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

She explained in an email,

I have been doing makeup ever since I was a little kid because I was a dancer, but my love for it grew stronger once I graduated high school and started working at Disney… I was inspired by Mykie (Glam & Gore) to do the 100 Days of Makeup challenge & I learned a lot by doing makeup over that period of time. I get bored quite easily, so I decided to give myself something to do by continuing on.

The most interesting thing about Edwards' account is that she doesn't stick to just one style. Sci-fi is a favorite...

But softer, sweeter looks aren't off limits.

Edwards has never met an aquatic theme she didn't love.

Around Halloween, though, Edwards will adapt accordingly. Have you ever wondered what's under your skin?

Or if there's a monster lurking inside you?

Really, Edwards' greatest gift is her imagination. We can't wait to see the next 172 days.

This makeup artist is a real talent.