Abused Women On Billboard Heal Once People Pay Attention To Them (Video)

Staring into the faces of victims can be challenging, but an interactive billboard in London asks passersby to do just that.

Since March 5, the Women's Aid-sponsored PSA has been attracting the attention of visitors to the city's Canary Wharf area.

The billboard uses facial recognition technology and live video feed to heal the faces of bruised, battered women. As viewers stare, the black-and-blue marks on their faces begin to fade.

The message? We can't ignore domestic violence and expect it to go away.

In a statement, Polly Neate, chief executive of Women's Aid, said,

Domestic violence is experienced by hundreds of thousands of women every year, but many feel unable to tell anyone because they think that they won't be believed or that people won't understand. These women live in an invisible prison: controlled and harmed by the person who should love them most... A donation to Women's Aid can help someone to escape a life-threatening situation.

The campaign, shot by English photographer Rankin and produced by ad agency WCRS, was released in time for this weekend's International Women's Day.

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