6-Year-Old Girl Asks Hillary Clinton The Most Important Question She's Ever Been Asked

Since giving up her post as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been faced with a lot of tough questions about topics like the US's ability to prevent the Benghazi bombing and her intention to possibly run again to be America's first female president.

But the question she received from a 6-year-old at the World Affairs Council's "Women Changing the World" forum was perhaps the most difficult of all: "In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?"

Decisions, decisions.

Admittedly, the question might have been jumping the gun a bit, but with the audience's rowdy applause following the asking, it's evident that the crowd didn't mind.

Clinton, who hasn't yet announced her intention to run for president, was perhaps the most stumped with what to say in response. See below to watch her squirm and totally ignore the poor elementary schooler's question:

via Huffington Post, Photo Credit: WENN