6 Reasons Why Ben and Jerry Will Always Be a Girl’s Best Friend

by Katie Hunter

I have only ever had one threesome in my life, and it tends to happen more often than I would like. It’s with two outstanding and succulent men; their names are Ben and Jerry.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has some very personal relationships with many different women. It is in every 20-something's fridge at all times.

Of course, real human friends are wonderful. They support us, make us laugh and give us a shoulder to cry on. But, despite human friends and the beautiful ways they make us feel, Ben and Jerry take the cake.

Here are six reasons why Ben & Jerry's will always be your number one bae:

It doesn't vie for attention

Girls are vicious at times. Holding on to that top spot in the Snapchat Best Friends list can cause some serious stress.

Ben and Jerry never try to one up the other. Rather, they work together to make the most scrumptious twosome. They are always together, so you don’t have to choose. You get both, all the time, any time.

It cools you down when you’re getting a little heated

Every 22-year-old girl spends her Monday nights yelling at the TV because the girls on "The Bachelor" are so flat-out ridiculous. Sometimes, you get a little heated over the situation.

Who’s there to calm you down before you throw the remote at an unfortunately placed object? Ben and Jerry. They're chill, and help you find your cool. They calm you down after you have a fight with your boyfriend, get scolded by your mom or when you’re just angry that it’s Monday. 

You can always count on it

People have busy schedules and different priorities, but Ben and Jerry will always been there. You don’t have to make plans with them months in advance only to get blown off at the last minute.

Even if you want them at 4 am, you don’t have to send them a text explaining that you’re drunk and need a friend right now. They will even wait for you. For months. You don’t have to feel guilty for forgetting about them for a few days. They will still be there, waiting to be spooned.

It has a core

In a world obsessed with our social media presence, how many followers we have and how much our outfit costs, it can be hard to find genuine friends who have a soul deep down.

Ben and Jerry have a core, literally. It brings them together like peanut butter and jelly. They may appear to be one thing on the outside, but you know, underneath all those icy-cold layers, there’s a core to them.

It gets along with anything

Ben and Jerry go well with anything. Ice cream and cake? Yes. Ice cream and pie? Duh. Ice cream and a sandwich? Why not?

Unlike cliques who only hang with those of their kind, Ben and Jerry will hang out with anyone! They don’t care that the two of you aren’t in the same group. There’s enough love to go around for everyone. Sometimes, they even melt when they’re next to you.

It never judges you

Ben and Jerry live in a judgment-free world. They don’t care if you just failed your test, got dumped, are broke, homesick or haven’t showered in five days. They are always waiting for you, to give you a giant hug and fill you with happiness.

Best friends are some of the greatest gifts of life. The memories you make with your girlfriends last a lifetime, but Ben & Jerry's will always be a girl's best friend.