38 Lauren Conrad Faces For Almost Any Situation You Find Yourself In

by Ashley Fern

Lauren Conrad is a female idol for nearly every Gen-Y woman. Of course, we know her from our favorite hate-to-love television shows "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," but now she is much more than that. She is a published author, as well as a powerful businesswoman.

Recently, she rocked the world with an epic response when she was asked what her favorite position was... CEO. Suck on that, men of the world.

But what really makes Lauren Conrad so relatable and lovable? Her epic and exaggerated facial expressions. So without further ado, here are 38 LC faces for every situation you could possibly find yourself in.

1. When you are trying to mask a severe hangover

Sunglasses and Advil... check.

2. When you figure out that your ex knows you've started to get over him

It's like he has ESPN or something.

3. When you are trying to convince your boyfriend you "didn't do anything wrong"

Always go for the tears, he can't resist the tears. Why? Because it shows you "care."

4.  When you are trying to appear ethereal and innocent, yet vague and mysterious

LC was definitely practicing her nude picture face...

5. When you are trying to mask your meanness in sincerity and wisdom

Sometimes, you have to wrap the cold, honest truth in a nice little package for people to be receptive.

6. When you are trying to play the victim

Did someone say guilt trip?!

7. When you are trying to convince yourself that you are over your ex

Keep trying because the only person you are convincing is yourself.

8. And then when you realize you actually aren't

Oh wait, I guess you spoke too soon.

9. When your friend asks you if these pants make her look fat

A facial expression is worth a thousand words, so hopefully she gets the hint.

10. When you realize you drunk ate an entire pie of pizza last night at 3 am

Oh well, the past is the past... What are you going to do?

11. When your friend is being an absolute pussy

Sometimes these girls just need a dose of reality.

12. When your friend asks for your honest opinion, but you know she doesn't really want to hear it

If you have nothing nice to say, sometimes it's better just to say nothing at all.

13. When you are really stoned and decide to reflect on life

I mean, what else are you going to do high, while stuffing your face?

14.When you want to guilt trip someone

"Fine": the one word you use to tell someone you are the furthest from this "fine" you speak about.

15. When you realize you've been surrounding yourself with sh*tty people


16. When you want to call someone out on her bullsh*t

Is taking responsibility for your own actions actually that difficult?

17. When you talk about basic bitches

What's a better pastime than making fun of basic bitches?

18. When you have to fake excitement after your coworker got the promotion you wanted


19. When you get the results of your STD test

Hey! At least there are antibiotics for that, LC.

20. When you try and rationalize your terrible behavior to your girl friends

But I only went on a date with that other guy, it's not like we hooked up...

21. When your friend tells you she's thinking of getting lip injections to look like Kylie Jenner

You may need to physically snap her back into reality.

22. When you lie to your friends about the one-night stand you definitely had last night

Right, we totally believe you. Oh, and is that a hickey on your neck?

23. When you realize you have your man exactly where you want him

Boys are so easy...

24. When you realize your friend is trying on the outfit you laid out for the night

Hey, I didn't lay out that jeans and top combo for my health. Now I overheated my curl and it looks terrible. Ugh.

25. When you find out that Sephora doesn't carry that particular shade of Laura Mercier bronzer

I guess I'll just have to be pale for the rest of my life.

26. When you have to act surprised when your friend finally realizes she's been getting cheated on, despite how many times you've warned her

She will be too upset and flustered to realize how fake your reaction is anyway.

27. When you're on a date with a hot guy and have to pretend he's actually funny (he's not)

Just keep laughing and maybe the time will pass more quickly.

28. When you try and agree with your boss even though you think she is an idiot

Just smile and go about your business...

29. When your friend is telling the people around you a story she just told you, and is changing all of the details

A good friend doesn't blow up her other friend's spot when she's exaggerating the facts of a story.

30. When you just got a fresh blowout and are feeling all Tyra Banks like

Smize! Smile with your eyes!

31. When you are trying to express emotion after Botox injections

Keep trying, you're almost there...

32. When you are attempting your eyeliner wings for the 9th time and finally nail it

You aren't even excited...

33. When your friend asks if she should double text the guy she's seeing

NO. NEVER. It is 2014, he saw your message and chose to ignore it. Move along...

34. When you get your period before a long weekend

This is the ultimate cockblock.

35. When you and your friend are both no longer having a dry spell

Finally, you can throw you plans to become actual nuns out the window!!!

36. When you have to tell your friend the harsh truth that the guy she's interested in puts her at risk of social suicide


37. When you see someone else get engaged on Facebook

Where is the closest balcony I can launch myself over?

38. When men try to belittle you

The GIF that made all this possible...