Move Over Plastics: 50 Differences Between Fake Girls And Real Girls

by Elite Daily Staff

We have all wasted way too much time caring about people who don't actually care about us in return.

You know the fake girl type. She might pretend like she's listening, she might say she wants to make plans, but deep down, this girl is faker than Britney Spears' voice after auto-tune.

Fake girls are worse than basic ones because they try a lot harder and are way crueler. They say things like, "We should hang out more" and mean it as an insult.

They have no qualms about being nice to your face while simultaneously texting about how much they hate you. To a trained eye, a fake girl is as transparent as the clear nail polish on their french manicures.

The Plastics better make room for some new members. Here are the 50 differences between real and fake girls:

1. Fake girls suggest “we should grab drinks.” Real girls pour you one.

2. Fake girls make themselves scarce. Real girls make themselves available.

3. Fake girls text about tonight. Real girls call about last night.

4. Fake girls do their best to appear sweet. Real girls know it’s okay to be sour.

5. Fake girls say they "feel the same way.” Real girls mean it.

6. Fake girls hold your hand. Real girls give you one.

7. Fake girls take you to the club. Real girls stay in with you.

8. Fake girls want to know the scoop. Real girls listen to the details.

9. Fake girls try to be something they’re not. Real girls strive to be something better.

10. Fake girls are afraid they won’t please everybody. Real girls aren’t afraid to please themselves.

11. Fake girls forget their manners. Real girls forget the rules.

12. Fake girls love filtering the evidence. Real girls don’t need pics for proof.

13. Fake girls flash fake smiles. Real girls throw serious shade.

14. Fake girls want the gossip. Real girls want to hear your side of the story.

15. Fake girls trap you into liking them. Real girls don’t need tricks.

16. "Fake ass girls" get called out by Tupac. Real girls quote him.

17. Fake girls say, “I miss you.” Real girls don’t need a reason to.

18. Fake girls tag their statuses. Real girls could care less about theirs.

19. Fake girls over-compliment your outfit. Real girls let you borrow it.

20. Fake girls wear floral wreaths and Free People. Real girls know this isn’t Coachella.

21. Fake girls go to concerts for the booze. Real girls go for the music.

22. Fake girls go out with an agenda. Real girls put you at the top of theirs.

23. Fake girls will blow up your spot. Real girls will save you one.

24. Fake girls act differently in front of guys. Real girls are just like one of them.

25. Fake girls worship Lauren Conrad and Vanessa Hudgens for their “style.” Real girls know what that means.

26. Fake girls are the cubic zirconia of friendships. Real girls are the diamonds in the rough.

27. You’ll never know a fake girl. Real girls get to know you.

28. Fake girls are nice to your face. Real girls tell it to your face.

29. Fake girls go to yoga class with you. Real girls teach you something.

30. Fake girls love high school drama. Real girls love scripted dramas.

31. Fake girls stir the pot. Real girls share it.

32. Fake girls talk about you. Real girls talk about it with you.

33. Fake girls will hook up with your boyfriend. Real girls will hook you up with a boyfriend.

34. Fake girls never look up from their phones. Real girls pick up the phone.

35. Fake girls live their lives through social media. Real girls live their lives.

36. Fake girls think everyone loves them. Real girls have haters.

37. Fake girls are social climbers. Real girls are at the top.

38. Fake girls act like they care. Real girls don’t put on a show.

39. Fake girls post about their relationships. Real girls keep it off the Internet.

40. Fake girls trust no one. Real girls don’t trust fakers.

41. Fake girls make other plans. Real girls plan time for you.

42. Fake girls see real girls as competition. Real girls see fake girls for who they are.

43. Real girls care about their appearances. Fake girls appear to care.

44. Fake girls never say when they are wrong. Real girls say the wrong things.

45. Fake girls do it first for attention. Real girls attend to you first.

46. Fake girls pretend to be kind. Real girls kind of don’t care.

47. Fake girls don’t have feelings. Real girls feel bad for them.

48. Fake girls want to be the best. Real girls want to be themselves.

49. Fake girls wear band t-shirts. Real girls listen to them.

50. Fake girls get angry at this post. Real girls will share it.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It