Get Rid Of The Guilt: 5 Habits Women Should Never Apologize For

by Brianna Sybella

As little girls, we are brought up to be feminine, frail and sweet.

“Sit up straight! Wear colors! Smile! Don’t curse!”

A girl’s upbringing is filled with rules.

Now, these rules simply don't make sense in a world where women are not only allowed to vote, but rule powerful countries.

So, I always find it odd when women feel ashamed or guilty about what brings them pleasure.

Why is the term "guilty pleasure" used to describe things that are improper (or worse, forbidden) for a lady?

Why should we be afraid of who we really are?

As women of the 21st century, we should declare 2015 the year of the end of guilt and the beginning of doing whatever the hell we want with our lives.

1. Eating (A Lot Of) Chocolate

When College Humor put out "Honest Women’s Chocolate Commercial," I felt like justice had finally been served.

I was so tired of the chocolate commercials that made eating candy feel like a deadly sin. I was also done with feeling like I actually needed to hide when I was eating my favorite hazelnut candy bar at work.

Then, when the clip came out, I was suddenly (and oddly) relieved. I laughed and cast aside all the food guilt that had been haunting me ever since childhood.

Ladies, let’s stop being sorry about eating chocolate, indulging in an extra slice of blueberry cheesecake or devouring an entire pizza with four different types of cheese.

For the sake of our daughters, nieces and pre-teen neighbors, let’s stop the chocolate- and food-shaming once and for all.

2. Dancing Alone

Of all the silly things women are supposedly not allowed to do, this one is the most absurd. Why in the world would anyone have a partner to dance?

Seriously, if I want to shake my hips to some Beyoncé, I’ll do it, even if the entire room is looking at me.

Dancing alone (in public or in the privacy of your own home) is nothing to feel awkward about. If you feel like it, just do it.

Dance like nobody’s going to put it on YouTube.

3. Reading Erotica

To all my intellectual friends, I’m sorry you’re sorry I read erotica.

It’s a shame you’re judging me by my cover, really. While I do enjoy my Chekhov and Tolstoy, sometimes all I want to do is cuddle under my blankets and nourish my soul with a romance book.

That doesn’t make me less smart, less of a badass feminist or less of a sexually satisfied woman.

To all the women out there: In the name of everything that’s sweet and cheesy, please don’t feel awkward about entertaining your need for romance, charming princes and hot sex.

As long as it’s something you enjoy doing, nobody should ever criticize your taste in novels, movies or music.

So grab that sizzling title, and spoil yourself, girl. You deserve this.

4. Taking The Time To Feel Pretty

I do wear makeup. I do take that little extra time every morning to put on a bit of color and get my hair semi-done.

For me, those 20 minutes are the time I spend with me, myself and the mirror. I'm not going to apologize for the fact I love every single second of it.

However, I do understand not everybody is like me. I also understand there are women who may have a completely different morning routine.

So, their lipstick may not be perfect for the 9 am coffee at work, and their hair may not be all posh on a Wednesday afternoon. That’s perfectly fine.

You should not feel odd about overdoing your look every morning. You should not feel apologetic for not picking the best outfit for the day, either.

You do not have to doll yourself up if you don’t feel like it, and nobody in the whole wide world has the right to tell you otherwise.

How you look is entirely your choice, and there’s no guilt in that.

5. Having One Too Many

There’s no harm in having some fun. You’ll hate it (and yourself) the next morning, and you’ll say you’ll never drink again.

But as long as it’s at least a bit fun, it might be worth it.

Just like men, women are allowed to be social.

They are allowed to go out and have one or two drinks, and they shouldn’t be pushed against the wall for doing it.

They shouldn’t be condemned for doing things guys do all the time when they have too many drinks, like having drunk sex or simply making complete fools of themselves.

That being said, I declare this the beginning of a new era and the beginning of pleasure and enjoyment in all their forms.

Let the chocolate, champagne, music and lipstick flood the world, ladies.

You have the right to satiate your cravings.