Ride Or Die: 5 Friendships Every Girl Is Guaranteed To Have At Least Once In Her Life

by Jen Gosline

Life's simplest pleasure is the pursuit of good friendship, peace and harmony.

Growing older, I became more and more attached to the childhood friendships I had for many years. I was so content with the way things were, I also grew ignorant to the fact that things were changing. Eventually, the circle of friends I once had was replaced with other relationships.

There were no arguments or feelings of resentment; we merely drifted apart, subconsciously soul-searching for the right path on which to achieve personal growth and success.

Had it not been for certain girlfriends whom I had the pleasure of sharing a portion of my life with, I would not have learned the values of honesty, integrity and loyalty.

I would not have realized that I should only ever sing in the shower, that I need to remember to brush my hair every morning or that I do possess unique talents and thrive off of positive energy.

It took a handful of girls to help me find my destined path, but I think I got there thanks to these girls:

The Elementary School Sweetheart

This is the very first girl with whom you ever became friends. Whether you two met through an arranged play-date, in the neighborhood, or you were just one of those social butterflies in Pre-K who took it upon yourself to find friends, she is your unforgettable memory of elementary school.

She was there for you when the boy you were crushing on yelled, "Ewww!" after you told him you liked him. She was jealous when you learned how to ride a bike faster than she did, and you cried on each other's shoulders when you could not figure out how to do long division (Really, how do you do that?).

Maybe you are one of those lucky people who is still friends with your first BFF, but most likely, as puberty ruined your life, it also ruined your friendship with her.

Your High School Ride-Or-Die

There are no relationships more complicated than those we deal with in high school. Through the mean girls, the backstabbing, boyfriend cheating and clique forming, you somehow managed to find one decent soul you could count on for all four years.

You guys shared the same group of friends; however, if there was any beef (which there was), you knew that your ride-or-die would be on your side no matter who was at fault. You clung to each other like oxygen -- partly because she made you feel normal, and partly because you both had the same sense of mildly pathetic humor.

You either parted ways after high school, still semiannually checking in with each other, or went to the same school, merely fading off. In either case, you both made it through the most dramatic years of your lives together. You formed a special level of respect, where years of silence can pass, but you know she would drive across the country for you at any point in time, if asked.

The Frenemy

Believe it or not, you owe some thanks to this girl. She was, more or less, forced into your life, rather than invited. You two hung around the same people, or were in some kind of situation where you were forced to be cordial with one another, but would never hang out upon your own free will.

When given the opportunity, she would be the first to call you out on your failures and never congratulate you on your successes; there was no pleasing this chick. It was a short-term relationship, but one that taught you to value yourself.

Even with endless attempts, it was impossible to create a sincere friendship. She allowed you to finally give up on the fact that there is no pleasing everyone, which, in turn, saved you a lot of stress and frustration. I like to keep up with my frenemy just to silently ensure I am living a more balanced, happier lifestyle.

First College BFF

There is a very special bond that forms between you and the very first friend you make at college. I was lucky enough to have that girl be my freshman roommate.

You two did not know anything about each other or the dirty secrets from the past, so this friendship is almost like a more mature version of your elementary school sweetheart. You two become like family; you're there for one another in times of extreme hangovers, cramming last minute for exams and binge-eating your way through the freshman 15.

You girls made friends, memories and bad decisions all in the name of fun. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, be spontaneous and keep an open mind because there is still much of this world you have left to discover.

Future Maid of Honor

Once you look back at all the friendships you fell in and out of, you should realize that there was one relationship that lasted throughout all the tough years and bad moments. She was every step of the way; she was your go-to girl when you made new friends and when old friends were lost.

Days will pass where you do not talk and all, and sporadic periods come where you talk so much you know what she had for breakfast that day. You two always seem to be on the same path: both single, both in relationships or searching for something greater in life together.

She teaches you what love means, and how someone can make you a better person. No matter the distance, she will always be an extremely cherished person in your life.

Each girl created everlasting memories that shaped you into the person you are today. You found your values, set forth on your dreams and transitioned to adulthood with the help of each person. Never take for granted the ones who walked into your life and left footprints.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr