5 Female TV Characters Who Should Inspire Michelle Obama's Wardrobe

President Obama's sass caused a stir at last night's State of the Union, but it was his wife's grey suit that nearly broke the Internet.

To fans of the CBS's "The Good Wife," the First Lady's outfit felt really familiar.

It seems Michelle Obama shares her fashion taste with the show's powerhouse lead, Alicia Florrick, who debuted the same Michael Kors outfit weeks earlier on her show.

Obama, well-known for her innovative style -- a far cry from the traditionally stodgy First Lady wear -- should keep taking wardrobe cues from the women of television.

Closets full of wardrobes like  "X-Files" lead Dana Scully's and Olivia Pope's from "Scandal" would serve the First Lady well.

So take notes, Mrs. O.

Olivia Pope, ABC's "Scandal"

Although Pope is constantly buried under Washington’s dirtiest secrets, there's never a speck of dirt on her beautiful white coats.

Under Pope's influence, Obama could dazzle in a white trench paired with a pale pink lip.

Thanks to her commitment to improving the nation's obesity rates, it's safe to say she won't have to worry about spilling tons of unhealthy condiments on her white frock.

Cersei Lannister, HBO's "Game of Thrones"

You may not like Cersei, but there's no debating whether or not an incestuous royal's wardrobe (loaded with lush velvets and deep reds) would look beautiful on Obama.

On a rushed day packed with school visits and television appearances, one of Cersei's trademark hair twists would create a quick, polished look.

Joan Holloway, AMC's "Mad Men"

Joan may hang with the male Manhattan elite, but she doesn't shy away from showing off curves in a conservative fashion.

Obama could learn from Joan's tasteful gold accessories and on-point boatneck sheath dresses.

Hell, even indulge in a martini, Michelle. You deserve it.

Dana Scully, "X-Files"

No one's ever made a tailored pantsuit look quite as good as smart, bold Scully.

Jewel-toned professional ensembles kept Scully presentable and comfortable enough to roll her eyes at her partner Mulder (something even the First Lady's been caught doing!).

Obama, who campaigns for an active lifestyle, could even do jumping jacks in a suit like this.

Mary Crawley, BBC's "Downton Abbey"

The endlessly-proper Crawley is the uncontested Queen of Accessories and Lace on "Downton Abbey."

She's an expert at dressing up the same outfit in different ways, debuting new hair styles and showing off glitzy jewels.

Obama, who's also well-known for recycling her wardrobe, could benefit from a few Crawley-inspired gems.