31 Things You Don't Mind Losing When You Gain A Boyfriend

by Elite Daily Staff

Being in a great relationship is not without sacrifices. You now have to make choices with someone else in mind -- whether that means agreeing to see “A Most Violent Year” over “Annie” or missing out on a party for his family dinner.

When you become part of a duo, lifestyle changes naturally set in. People like to talk about all the things you lose when you gain a boyfriend, but why does it have to be so negative?

Sure, you might lose all the free time you had to dance around your apartment naked or stare into your neighbors' apartments; however, you’re refilling it with shared experiences and special memories. That seems like a fair trade.

Just because you’re up an added companion doesn’t mean you’re down in life. In fact, you could totally stand to lose your Tinder app (which has brought you a mostly pessimistic attitude on the future dating pool) and the toxic ex on blackout speed dial.

Forget what your single friends will tell you: for all the things you leave behind when you enter a relationship, you win back in self-confidence, love and dates for your upcoming weddings.

Here are all the things you don’t mind losing when you gain a boyfriend:

1. Your ability to flirt with other people. You were never really great at it anyway.

2. Those period underwear (which probably should have been taken out of the repertoire a long time ago).

3. The fear of who you are going to take to your next wedding.

4. Self-doubt. You finally have someone who builds your confidence and helps you believe in yourself. That’s definitely not losing.

5. Makeup. It’s a good feeling to wake up and be totally yourself.

6. The feeling in your arm when he’s lying on you. You’d give up a lot more to be this close.

7. The pizza delivery guy’s number. You have a new late-night now.

8. Awkward first dates. You and your wallet could do without them.

9. The extra space in your bed and surplus covers when he steals them. What’s yours is his and vice versa.

10. The invitation to a distant friend’s party. You no longer feel obligated to go just because you think there will be new, single guys there. YES!

11. Your sanity. Falling madly in love feels like a fantasy. You’re happy to take the trip to Cloud 9.

12. One-on-one time with you and your vibrator. There’s no argument about it: Sex with your boyfriend is much better.

13. Your time for the gym. You’ll find other ways to work out…

14. The restless nights spent endlessly Netflixing until 4 am.

15. Your Tinder app. Bye, guys! You will not be missed (except for those moments on the toilet when you need to fill your time…).

16. Insecurities. You don’t need a man to make you feel better about yourself, but on those days when you’re beating yourself up over your “big” arms or lack of direction or terrible job, it helps to know that there’s someone out there who loves you just the way you are.

17. Spending money on dinner. Is that why you suddenly have more money in your bank account this month? SWEET.

18. Your sexual inhibitions. And you thought that stuff was only found in graphic romance novels…

19. A few extra L.B.s. You’re no longer binge drinking and eating away your life, alone. You have better things to put in your mouth now.

20. Silly drama with friends. You aren’t picking fights and taking it out on them... now you have a boyfriend to yell at!

21. Your train of thought when he says, “I love you.” Who needs words when you’re feeling this special?

22. One-night stands. Waking up ridiculously early after a night of no-rest in unfamiliar territory and hoping that the sounds of your pee doesn’t wake a total stranger was never really that fun.

23. Your big plans to stay in and wallow in single-girl misery. Yup, we’ll pass.

24. The empty space on your ring finger. Ohhhh, sh*t!

25. Your fear of commitment.

26. Your mother constantly asking, “When are you going to meet someone?” Boo-yah, Mommy! We’re not romantically challenged after all.

27. Car rides home alone. You have someone who will make the trip back with you. And more importantly, make it that much more fun.

28. Your disdain for other couples. You’re one of us now. Dun, dun, dun…

29. Your hatred of romantic movies. It’s weird how much more relatable Kate Hudson is when you don't want to throw darts at her face.

30. Your routine. Every day with him is an unpredictable adventure.

31. The worry that you’ll be alone forever. Here’s to hoping you don’t break up.