20 Daily Struggles Every Big Booty Girl Can Empathize With

by Mariela Delamora

Having a big butt may have become popular because J. Lo, Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea, but being a big-booty chick is an everyday struggle. It can feel like you’re constantly on display.

I’ve embraced it now, but growing up, I was always self-conscious about my bubble butt. I hated the attention (and still do), so I used to try and hide it with baggy t-shirts and long sweaters.

Now, I own it. I work it out in the gym, I properly tailor my clothes around it and I have learned to completely embrace it. Let’s hear it for the women who struggle to keep that ass in check!

Here are 20 struggles girls with big butts will understand:

Your jeans will rarely fit right off the rack.

Chances are, they'll be too big in some parts and too small in others. If the waist fits, the thighs are one squat away from splitting. If the hips fit, the waist pooches open.

You have a love-hate relationship with stretch pants.

They’re so comfortable, but we can't go anywhere in them without feeling like we're asking for attention.

Light and bright-colored jeans are supposed to be off limits, but since when have you ever followed rules?


The plumber's crack is real.

You buy jeans that fit your booty, but that means the waist is usually huge. Every time you squat down, everyone gets a free show.

Shorts will forever ride up your crotch as you walk in them.

You’ll often find yourself pulling down the crotch of your shorts when no one is looking. Why do clothes hate us?

Same goes for skirts.

By the time you’ve taken four steps, a mid-thigh skirt becomes a mini.

You’ve mastered the “jump and tug” when it comes to putting on your jeans.

And, you can be routinely found hopping around your apartment while pulling your jeans over your assets.

You've been referred to as Big Booty [insert your name here].

We have names, you know!

Every time you do laundry, you convince yourself your clothes are shrinking and your ass isn't getting bigger.

If only carbs weren’t my favorite food group.

That being said, skinny jeans are not our friends.

This was a tough one for me to accept because skinny jeans always look so damn cute on the mannequins. Skinny jeans are usually ultra low rise, so it’s like trying to fit a Cinnabon into a sandwich bag.

There just isn’t enough room. Even if you can get the jeans to zip, something will spill out sooner or later.

You cringe when you have to squeeze past people in stadium or movie theater seats.

It’s such a tight squeeze, so you have to maneuver the rows like you’re playing Operation and it’s your turn to retrieve the wish bone.

Just be careful not to knock over anyone’s soda with your butt. (Not that I’ve done that or anything).

Belts are your best friend.

Chances are, your belt loops can tell a war story or two.

You hate walking up the stairs in front of people.

The idea of your ass being face-level with the stranger behind you is enough to make you take the elevator.

Walking past a construction site is like the catcalling marathon.

And you’ll probably feel like you need a shower afterward.

It’s impossible to answer the question, "What size do you wear?"

You’re one size on the top and another on the bottom (assuming you’re pear-shaped). In fact, I like to remind myself that I would be a full size or two smaller if it weren't for what my mama gave me.

You either learned how to sew and hem your own pants or you’ve spent a sh*t-ton of money on tailoring.

My mom taught me how to hem my pants by hand when I was a teenager, and I later learned how to use the sewing machine.

I fixed every pair of pants I bought so I wouldn’t have to wear a belt. I have the added challenge of being under 5’3”, so I often have to hem the length as well.

You have to work extra hard in the gym to fight gravity on your lower half.

Nobody likes a saggy butt. Therefore, squats, lunges and kickbacks are your butt’s best friend.

Your friends love to embarrass you when Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” comes on by repeatedly pointing at you.

You’ve been known to twerk a time or two.

I mean, if not, what’s the point of even having this thing?

Men may think thongs were made for butts, but they just end up disappearing in there.

So, next time you see a woman with an ass you can rest a cup on, take a moment and salute her.

Chances are, she burned an entire cardio session’s worth of calories putting on her jeans this morning.