19 Times Your Addiction To Online Shopping Ruined Your Life

by Ashley Fern

Online shopping (n.) -- how we spend any moment of free time we experience on a daily basis. It's what we do to pass the long, dreary hours in our cubicles.

Females spend a significant portion of the day browsing our favorite websites while sending links over to our friends via Gchat for their opinions.

I mean how else are you expected to buy anything online without your friends' opinion first? Exactly. But as everyone knows, as convenient and easy online shopping is, it can actually be a huge pain.

How, you may ask? Here's how...

1. When an amazing item is on sale and there's every size except for yours

Why does this always seem to be the case? There are usually only ridiculously large sizes or ridiculously small sizes, i.e. sizes no one would ever even wear that outfit you've been eying in!

2. When you are told shipping is free only to be hit with double-digit tax

Woof. The struggle is really when the tax dollars impact your decision to make a purchase or not. You may have thought you got yourself a great deal... until checkout slaps you with fees on fees on fees.

3. When sale items are final sale

Do these stores honestly think people have the luxury to spend money on an item with the risk they can't return it.

How are you going to offer a sale item for double or triple-digits only to have it be nonrefundable? At least offer a store credit!

4. When shipping is free only if your total is over a triple-digit amount

For some reason we think that to avoid the cost of shipping, we should fill our cart to reach the amount for free shipping.

Instead of just sucking up the $10, we end up spending three times that just to get free shipping. Doesn't really seem free anymore, now does it?

5. When something is advertised as being on sale, but is only $10 off

Is this website unfamiliar with what "sale" even means? ...$10 off is not a sale, it's a glitch in the system.

6. When you find the perfect item and add it to your bag only to find out it's out of stock come check-out time

"Is this a race? Isn't this a guarantee purchase once it hits my cart? How can anyone else buy something that's in my cart? Ugh..."

7. What the hell is a restocking fee?!

Why do you have to pay a fee in order to return something? Let me get this straight, I'm giving you back the item I just paid for in perfect condition, and now I have to pay a fee on top of that?

So you're making a profit off me? ...I don't feel taken advantage of at all.

8. When a sale is advertised and you've picked out all of your items, only to find out you must "like" them on Facebook

Would you like my social security card and birth certificate as well? What if you don't have a Facebook? Isn't that discrimination?!

9. When an item takes three days to be delivered, but three to six weeks to be returned and refunded

Well it's clear where this store's priorities lie. I can guarantee you that you received my package within two to five business days since you were the ones who provided the priority return label...

10. When a 50 percent off sale excludes every single item in your cart

Is there honestly anything more upsetting than this? Oh wait...

11. When promo codes can't be applied to "new" items

That is BS! Chances are you aren't even aware of this until it comes time to check out and input your coupon code.

By then you've already become emotionally attached to your item and end up buying it away.

12. When you finally save up enough money to buy the dress you've been dreaming about to find out it went on sale the next day

This is a shot to the heart. The best thing to do in this situation is simply return your items then reorder them with the sale price.

13. When your order arrives completely mangled, destroyed and unwearable

You obviously planned on wearing your new item immediately so you know how awful it is when it's delivered in an unwearable condition.

14. The feeling when you lose a bidding war at the last moment

Oh eBay! You are the greatest creation, yet the biggest tease. The pain of losing a bidding war at the last minute really makes you never want to bid again.

15. When you've been WAITING for an item to be delivered only to have it not fit you whatsoever

There is legitimately nothing more defeating.

16. Your family actually thinks you need to go to rehab

This is the theme of every family meal you have, especially when you show up home wearing a completely new outfit.

17. Maxing out credit cards and over-drafting your debit cards is a struggle you face on the reg

Thank God for Chase auto-text alerts; without them, you'd never be able to transfer funds as quickly.

18. You've gotten your identity stolen more times than you can count

I guess that's what happens when you go bargain hunting on the sketchiest sites on the Internet.

19. You always take the gift wrap option because you know no one else is buying you a gift

Christmas is every day when you're an online shopping addict.