15 Things Any Rational Girl Can Never Resist

by Lauren Martin

Every woman is different. Every woman has her own quirks, desires and things that set her off. Every woman has her own set of values, principles and vices. Every woman yearns for a different future and comes from a different past. However, there are some universal things that I think all women desire.

Even though we’re all unique, we all share one similar quality: our anatomy. And this anatomy does make us predisposed to a few things that we share that men will never understand.

Of course, there are some women who don’t like manicures or men with accents, but I can’t appease everyone (otherwise I’d just run for some type of office). But if I'm allowed to generalize (which I will do regardless), I think there are most definitely a few things that all women agree with.

In a time when saying "no" is not just our right, but a necessary course of action, women have learned the art of denying and self-preservation through the two-letter word.

However, on the reverse, cushy flipside of that, I’ve learned there are a few things that women just can’t refuse, even when we know they're bad for us. So in light of a woman’s right to always say "no," here are 15 things we always have a hard time turning down.

A Good Deal

If it’s on sale, it must be bought on principle. Because if it’s on sale that means one day it won’t be and then we just lost a good thing, and women never like to give up a good deal. Because finding a good deal is like finding a good man, only when you stop looking, do you find it -- and then you must act fast.

A Favor

Women are born nurturers and that makes us predisposed to the caregiving complex, which usually means never wanting to disappoint. This aversion to letting people down usually means doing a lot of things we don’t want to do.

The Organic Option

Healthier is always better and if we have the option to buy food without the preservatives, pesticides and hormone injections, we’ll take it. Besides, you are what you eat, right?

A Throwback

Backstreet boys? Destiny’s Child? Hell yeah. Nostalgia is a hard thing to deny in a world where we wish it were 1999 again so we could wear leg warmers and watch Julia Roberts/ Richard Gere films for the rest of our days.

A Housewife Reunion

Whether it’s “Real Housewives,” “Bad Girls Club” or some other terrible reality TV show with women ripping out extensions and injecting too much Botox, it’s just hard to say "no" to trashy TV. There's something about watching other women's drama that makes us forget our own. Dare I say, "Real Housewives" for world peace?

A Best Friend

It doesn’t matter what she’s asking, a good friend will always say "yes" to her best friend. It’s something in our genetic makeup, like a mother to a child. Because our best friend is our mother, sister, father, brother and everyone else we need in our life, and saying "no" to her is like refusing a village.

That Second Drink

From my experience, once we’ve started, there’s no use in stopping. Ask a woman if she’d like another drink and you’ll almost always get a "yes." Because what’s the point in stopping once you’ve only just begun to feel that first vodka tonic?

A Musician

We can’t help it, there's something about men with picks and strings that makes us weak at the knees and incapable of telling them off, even when we know they’re bad for us. A woman will always have a hard time telling a musician "no" when he’s about to play an acoustic cover of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.”

A Good Excuse

Even when we know we should still be mad, women have a way of letting men get away with things based on plausibility. While our gut tells us he probably wasn’t out shopping with his mom, it’s easier to say "yes" to the excuse than to try to find the lie.

A Channing Tatum Film

...Even something as seemingly lame (but oddly amazing) as “Step Up” is a hard one to pass. And though we hate to admit it, we all saw that Nicholas Sparks film, if only to see the man without his shirt one more time.

Some Pampering

If our mother asks us to get a pedicure, there’s no woman in her right mind who wouldn’t want to get her legs massaged in a bath of warm water for an hour. I also can’t think of a man or woman who would ever turn down a massage.

An Accent

A man with an accent is like a woman with extra assets, an added bonus and something you can enjoy with your eyes closed.

Our Mothers

As we get older, the appreciation and respect grows, which makes it harder for us to ever tell them "no." They are the women who brought us into this world and we would do just about anything for them (even if it doesn’t always seem that way).

Good Makeup

Sephora is like a candy store and the bright palettes, smooth blushes and tinted foundations give us the same rush we got when we were 8. Unlike candy, makeup is an investment and a woman will spend the extra money to get the quality stuff -- like learning to appreciate Godiva over Hershey.

A Real Gentleman

If you ask a woman on a date the right way, there’s no way she’ll turn you down. Women appreciate guts, chivalry and the attention of a true man. If your intentions are honest, she’ll always give you an honest answer, which is almost always "yes."

Photo via We Heart It