The 10 Ways You Know You’re A Sorority Girl

by Ashley Fern

Sorority girls either get sh*t on or receive rave reviews. People have very, very set in stone opinions regarding the character of a sorority girl. Why? There are attributes for every stereotype. Don’t give me that sh*t, “I’m not that type.” You’re a sorority chick and there is no escaping it. Stop denying what makes you part of a bigger circle -- just embrace it.

Let's look at the 10 distinct ways everyone knows you can throw what you know:

When someone asks where you’re from…

Hometown? No. Birthplace? No. Am I Kappa Delta? I am. Your sorority makes you -- you. When you are out and about in college, your go-to opening line is something in reference to your sorority. Pathetic? Definitely. Accurate? Most definitely. You are identified by your affiliation in most major universities. Yes, this is shallow and demeaning, but it's also relevant.

You’re dramatic

You can turn any spoken word into a drawn out argument. Congrats on your creativity, but you, my friend, are a breed of crazy all its own. Ain’t nobody want to deal with a girl who creates controversy every step she takes. This is unfortunately an evident trait of a sorority girl, no matter what school she attends.

Batsh*t crazy

There’s drama and then there’s f*cking crazy. Sorority girls seek revenge like no other species out there. They don’t just bring themselves into an argument, they have a whole army comprised of 20+ girls at their disposal.

Throw what you know? No.

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but your sorority symbol doesn’t double as a gang sign. Jay Z (no hyphen, obv) doesn’t f*ck with white bitches that go to a state school, he’s married to Beyoncé. Also when you throw up that “HOVAAA” sign, I hope that big ghetto bitch lays you out.

Your go-to pose is a squat

Bend and snap? This isn’t just reserved for Elle Woods. Sorority girls try to get all up front and center in photos. Head tilted to the side, hips tilted the other way and the booty popped out: sorority girl square.

Main song stuck in your head

If the theme song to your life is any of the following, you need help: "Levels" (Yes, the Skrillex remix counts), "I Don’t Care" (I love it? No you don’t), "Fuckin' Problems"? No hoe, you love dudes and you do have a f*cking problem.

When taking a shot involves… "Take a shot"

If you can’t take a shot without singing to accompany the liquor, bitch you got problems. If someone asks you, “take a shot?” and you respond “Take a shot, take a shot, take a shot like a ____ (enter respective sorority here) can," congratulations you’re a sorority girl.

You have at least 5+ “best guy friends”

With every sorority girl comes frat guy friends. The reason girls have best guy friends? You try living with 20+ batsh*t cray, hormone-filled women and see where your mentality goes. You need your guy friends to help keep you sane because if you allow your ears to fill with all that petty bullsh*t, well, get ready for early-onset depression.

You hate all your friends from home

No one can compare to your sorority sisters. Who cares about that next Thanksgiving break at home? You just use this time to visit your school friends. You think the girls who wrote in your yearbook are going to be your best friends? Yeah right, bitch you’re in for a rude awakening.

Summer in the Winter

It doesn’t matter if it's 20 degrees out and snowing, you know you’re just going to throw on your skirt and your “fracket.” Go ahead and strut your stuff to the party. You don’t give a sh*t if you come home with that coat at the end of the night as long as you are warm enough to make it to the party.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

Ashley Fern & Jessica Eggert | Elite.