10 Things Every NYC Girl Needs To Do This Summer

The humidity and hot summer air is starting to sink in...and frizz up our hair with it. "Wow I never knew she had curly hair," is something you might hear as girls are ditching their straighteners and layers of clothing. But it's okay because we understand that there are some things girls must achieve while dealing with this shitty weather. Here are some of our guidelines.

1. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

One of the benefits of spring weather is that it has a very good humidity balance. This is the perfect time to give your tresses some rehab by allowing your hair to dry naturally. No matter what type of hair you have, on a cool spring day try letting it dry naturally.

You might even find a new love for your natural locks, and worst case scenario, you can always just bun it. Either way, a few days of no heat-to-hair action will definitely improve your hair’s condition and give you back some of that precious time you waste daily perfecting it.

2. Try Out Something New With Your Makeup

Spring/Summer is the perfect time of year to experiment with the daring or unusual makeup trend you’ve been thinking about trying. Whether it be a new lipstick color or mascara, it’s the perfect season to change up your look. With the additional time spent in the sun, you’ll have more of a tan/glow, which will help to complement or take the edge off any risky makeup looks.

Summer lipstick trends always lean towards brighter pigments, like peaches and pinks, making this the perfect opportunity to be a little daring with your makeup. Spring is also a good opportunity to try a new perfume, and scents with notes of fruit and floral gain popularity during warmer months.

3. Get A Pedicure

For the love of God, whatever you decide to take on this spring, it is essential that you treat your feet to a pedicure. If not for yourself, for everyone else who has to view them as you debut open-toed sandals, wedges, pumps and flip-flops. There are few things as disgusting as ratchet feet on a girl. For $20-25 it is an investment not only in your hygiene, but in your social life.

4. Shave Your Legs

In keeping with the pedicure, shaving your legs should also be at the top of your To-Do list. It’s totally normal to get into winter hibernation-bear-mode and let your legs get a little too au natural. However, once the shorts are busted out, you must revert to the annoying, but necessary task of shaving.

5. Switch From Red to White

If you’re into wine, spring and summer are noted as the time to transition from reds to whites. Whites are light, cold, crisp and extremely refreshing on a spring or summer night, as opposed to reds which are warmer and more full-bodied. Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc are perfect for sipping or when paired with lighter fare. Moscato and Riesling are sweeter options that tend to pair well with dessert.

6. Indulge In FroYo

If you had a childhood, it is hard to think about the word “summer” and not have flashbacks to ice cream trucks, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, etc. However, you are a grown woman now and have things like bikinis to worry about. Luckily, you can indulge in FroYo and get your summer sweets without the subsequent guilt.

Frozen Yogurt is low calorie, and most of the time contains little to no fat. There are a variety of flavors that won’t devastate your diet, just be careful with the toppings…Reese’s Pieces, hot fudge and whip cream do not constitute as healthy.

7. Air Out Your Apartment

All dependent on if you have windows, let the cool spring air get all up in yo’ personal space. It's been a long and lonely winter for your abode, so the fresh air will help to clear out any remnants of dingy, cooped-up atmosphere inside your place.

After airing it out for a day, light a scented candle and your apartment will smell as if you’ve taken on spring-cleaning with full force, regardless of any small child-sized pile of clothes that may or may not be there.

8. Walk Around With Music

When the weather is this nice, it’s sinful not to take advantage of walking. You can walk almost anywhere…and you should. Whether for transportation purposes or for no reason at all, walking is beneficial for your health and your morale. Put on your jam-iest playlist, and walk around like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. You’ll be surprised by the confidence-boosting effect of walking around NYC with your own personal soundtrack playing.

9. Stop & Smell The Roses

Literally! When spring is in bloom, the sights and smells of mama nature are everywhere. Since you’re not dashing into the closest shelter to avoid sub-zero temps/piercing winds anymore, you can take a moment or two to smell the flowers and check out the blooming trees. In a city populated by concrete, it can be refreshing to take in the natural scenery, and if nothing else, you’ll get a cool Instagram picture out of it.

10. Spend Time Near Water

It’s been proven that spending time near or viewing water is beneficial for you. In the winter it gets far too cold to hang out near the water, but during the spring and summer months the breeze you get off the water is more refreshing than debilitating.

With spots like East River Park, Hudson River Park and the South Street Sea Port, there are multiple places you can take in the liquid beauty of NYC. Take some time to “soak” it all in and discover it’s relaxing and calming effects.

Kayla Inglima Photo Credit: Tumblr