This Video Perfectly Explains Why You Had A Bad Date (Video)

If you decide to subject yourself to the dating world, be prepared for some less-than-stellar first encounters. A bad date is like seeing a crappy movie -- you feel trapped, you can't wait for it to be over, and once you leave, you will forget it ever happened.

But for now, his bad breath and nerdy drink choice have really got you wishing that you didn't ask to be set up by your co-worker. Why are you dating again? Oh, forget it -- at least you don't have to pay for his poor company and boring chatter.

In Emily Hart's next installation of "10 Reasons Why," she covers all the excuses as to why you want to run out the door, leave him with the bill and never speak to him again (pretending like you don't see the follow-up text messages always does the trick, albeit being a little immature).

Here's the ten reasons why your bad date was so awful that you are actually considering celibacy.

Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube