6 Workouts You Need To Try If Your Boobs Are Always Getting In The Way

by Georgina Berbari

At this point, when I ask my fitness-hating friends to join me for some jump squats, I've gotten basically every excuse in the book.

From catching up on Netflix, to eating way too much Chipotle a couple of hours earlier, I've accepted that there are many times where I'll have to SoulCycle solo.

But the other day, I got a new excuse from one of my BFFs that threw me for a loop.

"I can't. My boobs are just too big."

I've never really thought about big chesticles being a genuine obstacle for someone when it comes to working out, but it turns out breast size can actually be a huge limiting factor when it comes to fitness.

A study from the University of Portsmouth recently revealed that nearly one in five women say their breasts stop them from participating in physical activity.

In the survey, women said they had trouble finding a sports bra that fit them properly, they were too embarrassed by their breast movement, they didn't like the way their breasts looked while working out, and some even said physical activity caused them literal breast pain.

Listen ladies, I hear you, and we're all in this together (love you, Zac Efron).

However, there are ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine without your breasts constantly being a roadblock.

Here are six workouts you definitely need to try if your girls are always getting in the way of your daily grind.

1. Ab Circuits

Low-impact abdominal workouts -- such as planks and crunches -- don't use much momentum, and will keep your chest in place, while simultaneously toning your core.

Personally, I like doing my favorite circuits three times through for the best burn possible.

2. Incline Walking On The Treadmill

The treadmill is torture when you were blessed with bigger breasts.

It's like you're constantly slapping yourself in the face, and that creepy dude on the rowing machine won't. Stop. Staring.

No thank you.

Avoid the dread-mill no longer -- put the incline to the highest setting, and walk uphill until your legs give out.

It's an amazing way to sculpt those thighs and booty, and also prime time to catch up on Game of Thrones.

You: one. Boobs: zero.

3. Back Workouts

According to research from Northwestern University, bigger breasts can make bad posture even worse, they can add additional stress to pulled muscles, and they may make it harder for back injuries to heal.

Don't worry, though. You can easily fight back by adding back and shoulder exercises to your routine.

These moves will make a world of difference, without being compromised by your cleavage.

4. Yoga Or Pilates

Yoga and pilates both do great things for poor posture -- a common problem for the well-endowed.

Side note: Make sure to invest in a kickass sports bra beforehand. There's nothing worse than dealing with a nip slip in downward facing dog, amirite?

5. Dead-Lifts

Dead-lifts are another great exercise to fight against pesky lower back pain.

This total-body workout will make you forget about your womanly woes, and teach you to engage every damn muscle in your bod -- all while building better posture along the way.

Oh, and you'll look like a total badass while doing it, too. Need I say more?

6. Cardio (I Promise You Don't Have To Run)

Honestly, running is painful, especially when you're taking two uninvited, boobalicious guests along with you.

Don't let your chest deter you from cardio, though -- there are so many different forms you can have fun experimenting with.

From bike riding, to swimming, to hiking (my personal fav) -- get out there and show those girls who's actually boss.