Woman Who Lost 140 Lbs To Get Revenge On Crush Shares Simple Diet She Swears By

by Alexandra Strickler

This is truly the stuff your wildest revenge fantasies are made of.

After a crush rejected her several years ago for her size, a young, overweight girl from Indianapolis managed to shed about 140 pounds and tell him "boy, bye."

Rachael Heffner, 25, once weighed 285 pounds and would regularly guzzle up to four large bottles of soda per day.


Though she originally made the resolution to lose weight with the intention of winning over her crush, she no longer has any desire to date him now that she's adopted a healthier lifestyle.

According to MailOnline, Heffner said,

My initial motivation was to prove people wrong. In college I was rejected by a boy and I wanted to show him that he'd made a mistake. I liked him and he didn't like me, he made it known it was because of the way that I looked and that he wasn't attracted to me because I was heavier.

Apparently, the same boy has asked her out a few times since she's slimmed down, but she made sure to let him know they're just going to be friends.


She added,

I also told him that he was the reason I started losing weight, which really shocked him and he apologized for what he said when we were younger. But I'm glad he rejected me, I actually thanked him for it, as he was the reason I was able to get to the size I am today, and there's no point holding grudges.

Heffner's weight gain began after her mother tragically lost a battle with cancer. She found solace in comfort eating during the difficult time, despite her father's attempts to get her on the right track.

She said,

I was a little chubby when I was a kid, but after my mum became really sick and passed away I gained a lot of weight. Since I was so young when she died, I didn't learn about nutrition from her and I was too set in my ways to listen to my dad's advice about food.

At age 20, after years of indulging in large portions of sugary snacks, sodas and potato chips, Heffner's body mass index was over 50, the World Health Organization's highest level of obesity.

She made a New Year's resolution six years ago to start losing weight, and now, she's achieved that goal.

She said giving up soda was possibly the most difficult of all her sacrifices, though small lifestyle adjustments went a long way in helping to curb her eating habits:

At first my body missed the sugar, I had to gradually reduce it by switching to Gatorade before going to water. I also started making meals myself instead of eating out and I cut my portions in half. It was hard at first, whenever I was hungry I would snack on fruits or vegetables and before eating I'd drink a glass of water to help fill me up more.

Along with these small diet changes, she also began working out regularly with her college roommate. Before she knew it, she'd lost 140 pounds.


Unfortunately, with her amazing weight loss came a significant amount of saggy skin around her mid-section.

She said,

My next major trial will get getting my loose and excess skin removed. I've been trying to tone up for a while, but it's not worked, and it's hard being young with excess skin. I can deal with stretch marks, but the loose skin haunts me and reminds me of the girl I used to be, all I want is finally be able to be comfortable in my own skin.

Along with working three jobs and selling some of her old belongings on the side, Heffner is trying to raise $15,000 for excess skin removal surgery to complete her transformation.

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