9 Ways To Make Sure You Completely Avoid The Winter Blues This Year

by Lauren Breedlove

Call it the winter blues, seasonal depression, temporary insanity — whatever you will. But I'll get really real and deem it a funk because I call it like I see it.

Perhaps there are a multitude of reasons you're feeling down in the dumps; I don't know your life. I do know once you're down, it's not so easy to claw your way back out to rainbows and unicorns. It seems much easier, and much more likely, to just keep eating cake.

But I assure you, sugarcoating a funk will only make it worse. Funks thrive on sugar — fun fact.

Sometimes we can't pinpoint what throws us in a funk, how long it will last or what will catapult us past it — it's stubborn AF.

Maybe you need one of these ideas to help boost you up. We'll try anything at this point, so pick your poison:

1. Exercise

The hardest part about this one will be the whole exercise part, but you'll feel better afterward, I promise.

Get those endorphins flowing and you'll gain energy to keep trucking.

If the gym is too intimidating in the midst of the funk, that's what YouTube workout videos are for. Hell, you can exercise naked if you fancy.

2Eat pizza

Slightly ironic right after the exercise bit, but at least you know you've already burned some calories.

When all else fails pizza will help, because pizza is life. Plus, you're just motivating yourself for the next gym session, aren't you?

3. Get fresh air

It may be cold air, given it's winter, however, even just a quick 15 minutes of that crisp air will be a jolt to your mood.

Or, if you're really funked up and extremely lazy, try cracking a window. It'll simultaneously surprise you and chill you out — literally.

Can't handle the arctic air? See #5.

4. Drink

Be careful with this one (as it can ultimately make things a lot worse), but that being said, there's nothing like a night out with your friends and a few adult bevvies to boost your spirits.

Being social and surrounded by your besties can provide some much-needed positive vibes your way.

5. Travel

Sure, easier said than done. Time and money are involved, which, isn't always available in abundance.

But, even if it's just booking a short weekend trip solo or with a group, it can really give you a shot of fresh perspective and — depending on location — potentially grant that dose of Vitamin D we're all lacking this winter.

6. Get tough

Don't go beating yourself up, of course. However, forcing yourself to just get out of said funk might just be the method to the madness.

It won't be easy, obviously, but set just a small goal and you might just be surprised that it provides a stepping stone for catapulting out of the danger zone that is the funk.

7. Treat yo self

We're talking retail therapy here.

For some reason, spending our hard-earned money makes us feel happier. Buy that sweater you've been coveting for weeks. Take that cooking course you didn't want to splurge on. Give the spa your retirement fund (kidding, not kidding).

8. Catch those ZZZs

I don't know about you, but getting a full (and good) night's sleep is superbly rare.

Spoil yourself and score one ample night's slumber — you'll feel like a brand spankin'-new human.

9. Hike

Maybe you're not super outdoorsy, or a bonafide hiker — and that's quite alright. But embarking on a short-day hike can definitely transport you to happy... and proud!

There's nothing like getting out in nature and conquering a summit, admiring a pretty tree, accidentally swallowing a bee appreciating wildlife.

That view, though. Hard to be low when your eyes are feasting on beautiful scenery.

Some solutions to our funk may seem wildly obvious, but we don't always recognize the simple things that can help. So find what works for you and your specialized funk.

You got this. Sayonara funk.