6 Ways To Recover From Your Vacation Hangover When Going Back To Work

by Zach Chen

Vacations are meant to recharge your body and refresh your mind.

But when the vacation ends, it's time to go back to work and get back into your everyday routine. All is not lost, however.

There are ways for you to recover from your back-to-work blues.

1. Do the easy things first.

It's always harder to start when you're still in the holiday mood. So, do the easier tasks first.

These are normally the ones you can accomplish in a shorter amount of time. When you get a few of these tasked ticked off your "to-do list," you'll begin to feel better.

Then, use that to build a bit of momentum so you can move on to bigger tasks at work.

2. Focus on one or two key areas.

It's easy to get sidelined by many things such as casual chats (about your holiday or office gossip) or checking your emails.

A nice way to flush that back-to-work blues is to give yourself some reason to be encouraged.

Make sure you identify one or two key areas that are more crucial for you to handle at the moment. Attack the tasks in those areas.

Before long, your channeled efforts will help you clear one or two bigger areas of your work. That should build some confidence and bring back some motivation at the workplace.

3. Spend time with the positive colleagues.

If you can't get your positive attitude and mood back quickly, try surrounding yourself with the positive energy from the more lively colleagues.

Try to be around these productive or happier colleagues. Their enthusiasm and friendly interaction can prove to be a redeeming point of coming back to work.

4. Work out.

A jog, a swim or some sports with friends can help you to drive off the back-to-work blues.

Working out your body lets you sweat and shift your mental focus from work to your body.

The adrenaline rush and the endorphin release from exercising not only relax a stressed body, but they also give you a "feel-good" sensation that will help you over the initial slump of returning to work.

5. Plan a little treat to reward yourself.

Plan something to brighten up your evening after your first day back at work.

It can be a good dinner at your favorite restaurant or a ticket to watch a performance. That way, you have something to look forward to after your first day returning back to the office.

After all, you deserve a pat on the back for making it back to work after a holiday.

6. Share your feelings and thoughts.

Chatting with your friends or family may help to ease those pent-up emotions and stresses from work.

Like they say, "Sadness shared is sadness halved." It helps to know you aren't alone, and talking it out gives you some encouragement to keep moving forward.

Some of your friends might even be able to even give you some tips on how to handle the vacation hangover.

7. Have an end of the week hangout.

Nothing beats the camaraderie and laughter of a gathering in bringing delight to your life.

Cap off your first week back at work with some fun and joy with friends.

Doing what you like with whom you like is a simple but effective way to ward off the post-vacation blues.

Great times with your friends also reminds you life isn't just work, and things aren't as tough as they seem.