These Unusual Wellness Tricks Will Keep You Feeling Good Without Gym Or Savage Diet

Kara Riley

The quest for health and wellness can be a long and confusing road.

Between doctors, social media, the news and your mother telling you what's best, it's hard to know who to listen to. Between well-meaning people with wrong information and those who are just trying to sell you something, the reaction is to run to the nearest McDonald's and stuff your face.

Take this moment to clear your mind of everything you've been told and check out these strange natural remedies that will actually help you reach your healthiest self.

1. Turmeric golden milk.

The words golden and milk sound kind of creepy when put together, right? Don't worry, it's not as gross as it sounds.

Turmeric golden milk is actually an ancient drink that's made up of the turmeric root, black pepper, water, coconut oil and milk.

Apparently, this little concoction can reduce inflammation, help with weight loss, decrease strain on the heart, keep blood sugar levels stable and ward off cancer cells among a whole list of other benefits.

Add a glass of golden milk to your diet each day and watch your health improve with very little work on your part.

2. Salt rooms.

Ever heard of the Himalayan salt lamp? These things have been flying off store shelves this year since so many people have heard of their benefits.

While it makes a great little decoration in your bedroom, there are actually salt rooms dedicated to this kind of healing process.

This ancient form of healing consists of breathing in the salt air for respiratory health, increased energy and mood.

Now, in many cities around the country, you can drive down the road and stop into one of these salt rooms for an afternoon of natural healing.

3. Herbal teas.

It's tempting to reach for one of the crazy tea flavors offered by Celestial Seasonings, or your favorite Lipton tea bag to put over ice. However, these aren't the kinds of tea that will actually help boost your health.

Different varieties of herbal teas have been proven to give off antioxidants, improve bone density, reduce chances of heart attack and help you lose weight.

Wandering into a tea shop is a great way to educate yourself on which tea is best for your own personal needs.

4. Reiki.

What the hell is Reiki?

It's kind of a more “out there” therapy that is apparently good for your health in both the physical and mental sense.

The therapy comes from Japan and involves a Reiki master who channels their energy into your body while reading the energy that your body gives off. It's a little freaky, but I recently tried it and found it quite soothing and enlightening.

5. Wine.

This is the news you've been waiting for. It turns out drinking a small amount of red wine each day is actually good for health.

The fermentation process and the antioxidants it contains is actually quite good for your body, which makes it even more satisfying to pour yourself a glass.

6. More sex.

Having sex is actually a natural way to boost your health. It helps both the mental and physical by keeping your muscles moving and releasing dopamine that will keep you happy.

Plus, it helps strengthen the connection between you and your partner which will reduce stress and keep you feeling good. Upping the time you spend in bed can be really beneficial!